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Although you can now try it for free — today’s the last day to get your hands on this month’s issue of Seductive Selling.  It’s read in 14 other countries around the world, and here’s what you’ll be missing out on if you don’t get your copy now:

*  TEN pages of live marketing examples in addition to this months newsletter itself! Including… 9 display ads and lead generation ads written by me, personally.  (You’d have to pay me a small fortune for this, otherwise!)

*  In this month’s Classic Ad Review, we’ll cover a very well-known ad written by a young John Caples, that’s been ripped off and re-used for the last 75+ years now.  I’ll even show you one of these rip-offs, done by a major computer gaming company!

*  The right way… and the wrong way… to sell “how to make money” products in a variety of niches!  (Once you see the appeals to use, this is a breeze.)

*   How to use empathy and frustration to sell outdoor hobbyist products!

*  9 “ingredients” every successful ad must have (on page 3)

*  How to use foreign cultures to arouse curiosity and sell.  This is an incredibly effective strategy that is W-A-A-Y under-utilized.

*  In this month’s Copywriting and Marketing Q & A column, you’ll get the inside scoop to:

–  “Reinventing” your business without losing your core customers (this is incredibly effective if you do one specific thing)

–  How to use two-step lead generation to generate high-priced service clients, and… the kind of “free” offer you need to make to rope them in!

–  How to use DVD’s to generate leads, and the content you should put on the video

–  Four “must have” criteria to keep in mind when you’re thinking about “doing something new” in your business.  This makes your life much easier, and lets you focus on making money instead of wasting your time.

*  On page 9, the cornerstone concept to marketing success, that must be done PRIOR to creating ANY kind of ad, marketing piece, or strategy.

*  An up and coming niche you should consider , especially in today’s day and age.

*  On this month’s Audio Success CD, you’ll discover:

– A bona fide way of getting newspaper, magazine and radio ad space at a 60 – 70% savings!…

–  How to uncover the biggest mistakes people make in their print advertising…

–  The best way to find out where to advertise.  And…

–  The ONE disadvantage of discount media (and when NOT to use it!)

*  And in this month’s Back-End Column, a revealing glimpse into why this was “A Great Day To Be Alive”

Get your hands on the January issue, and test drive Seductive Selling – and get ANOTHER bonus issue free, when you act now.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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