Internet Marketing: An open letter to every frustrated 'internet marketer' online

What I’m about to say has proven correct not only in my own experience over the last 11 years I’ve been involved in direct-response marketing, but by dozens and dozens of comments, client results, and success stories sent in to my office over the years.

And let me preface these comments with this potential time-saver: if you are someone who follows the masses, save yourself some time and delete this e-mail, because it will be a complete waste of your time to read it otherwise.

First, let me tell you there is no such thing as ‘internet marketing.’

The internet is a medium – a way of communicating.  Internet marketing can’t exist any more than ‘newspaper marketing,’ ‘magazine marketing,’ or ‘direct mail marketing’ exists.

It would be like saying you specialize in round palm trees.  And that makes no sense, right?  You either specialize in Palm Trees or some other kind of tree, but not round palm trees.  Like there’s some special wisdom in round palm trees versus other kinds of palm trees.

And this is why most people who buy “internet marketing” products don’t succeed.

The things you have to learn have nothing to do with the internet, they have to do with the rules of business, and of marketing, in general.

Sure, every media has it’s own quirks or particular nuances, but you can’t let your media dictate your wisdom about marketing, any more than you can let a flavor of frosting dictate your skill at baking cakes.

Make sense?

What got me thinking about this was a comment we recently received in the office.

“Hi Craig,

Just wanted to thank you for your book.  I have been working online for almost four years and have made every mistake in the book by following the ‘fast cash’ Internet Marketing crowd.

I would urge anyone who is interested in long term business to get your book and learn how to build real, trusting, honest relationships with their customers rather than treating them as cash machines.  Thanks for waking me up!”  Rob Plevin – C’mouth, England

And yes, this is a plug for my book.

But it’s also a “wake up call” as Rob says, for people who think making money — online or anywhere else — is as easy as falling off a log.

I’m a pretty clever guy, and at 47 years of age, I’ve been working for 33 years now.  If it was easy, I assure you I’d already know.  But it’s not.  What’s easy is buying into some B.S. promises about things like making a living, getting in shape, and falling in love.

None of these things are easy – I’ve done all of them, and they take a tremendous amount of commitment, and you really need to focus your energy on specific tasks that bring you much closer to crossing the finish line.

The bottom line is, if you’re ‘over’ all the hype and nonsense, and if you’ve come to your own conclusions that what I’m saying has some merit, then you owe it to yourself to uncover the real strategies you need to use, that actually work.

These are the strategies I reveal, quite transparently I might add, inside “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers.”

I also back up the promises I make in the book, with a LIFETIME guarantee – which isn’t something I’ve seen any ‘internet marketing’ product ever come with.

But then again… there’s a reason why for everything.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  The money’s great — don’t get me wrong.  But money buys you FREEDOM… and that means more to me, than anything

About the Author

Craig GarberAuthor of "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers, " and publisher of Seductive Selling - an offline marketing newsletter currently read in 15 countries, world-wide. In a nutshell, I do two things: 1. I show you how to attract a reliable, steady stream of pre-qualified leads who are ready to do business with you NOW... 2. And I increase your net profits and cash-flow, by increasing your customer, client, or patient value -- often, dramatically. How do I do this? By developing, and helping you implement, unique, personalized lead generation and marketing strategies... using compelling sales messages that push your customers emotional buy-buttons. I've worked with over 300 clients in more than 104 different industries, since March of 2000, and I really enjoy what I do. I'm a stable, reliable, happily married family guy with three kids who loves life and always follows through on my commitments and promises. I love to listen to music, workout, read, travel with my family, take pictures, and go bass fishing. I always say "Yes," when it comes to good cigars, good books, and good coffee :-)