How To Smile In Print

When I was a financial planner back in the mid-1990’s, and before that in the early 90’s as a headhunter, most of my business was done in person, face to face.

My experience doing this, taught me a lot.  For instance, there are a few things you should do in this situation, that improve your rapport, even with complete strangers… almost immediately.

For example, smiling.  Even in a selling situation, a warm and sincere smile (sincere being the key word here), is hard to frown on.  Genuine smiles are like emotional magnets.

The second thing people always commented on, was my firm handshake.  I’m no Hercules or anything, but when I shake someone’s hand, I want them to feel it, and I want to feel their hand.

A handshake is one of those things that gives you some preliminary intangible insight and comfort (or discomfort) about someone.

And lastly, I learned not to “hide” behind my words.  People love when you’re speaking directly to them, in language they can understand, and without wasting their time.  They love when you can get to the point, and just answer their questions without beating around the bush, while looking them straight in the eye.

And when it comes to words, it’s the same thing in print really.

Don’t hide behind big fancy words, and get right to the point.  Don’t worry about showing people how much you know, but instead, focus on how much you care.

Be economical with your words.  Don’t say something like I just read in a letter I have here on my desk, which reads:

“They think it’s funny when you’re willing to work your tail off making them all this money while giving you just pennies in return.”

Instead, just say, “Why should you work so hard for so little?”


And hey… why should you?

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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Discover how I made a hair north of $578K with a small online list of less than 5,000 names, and without spending even one thin DIME on advertising in my new book,  “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers.”

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