How Even A Mediocre Man Or Woman Can Win The Game

Yesterday I flew up to Philadelphia to attend Jim Canale’s real estate seminar.

Flying sucked.

We had a HUGE thunderstorm which lasted almost the entire night, here in Tampa – and it started moving up the east coast once the morning came. As a result, myself and literally HUNDREDS of other passengers had flights re-scheduled, or… in my case, completely canceled.

This meant the airport was jammed with angry mobs of people coming down like paratroopers on the customer service reps behind the counters.

When they canceled my flight, there were 200 people who were lined up at the gate, waiting to get their schedules re-shuffled by TWO airline reps. At this point, it was more likely I’d sprout wings and fly to Philly on my own, then get a seat on the
next flight.

But… me being me, the first thing I did was think to myself — “How can I get this problem fixed without doing what everybody else is doing?”

And so… I walked to the U.S. Airways counter at the OPPOSITE end of the gate, where NO ONE was lined up, and asked them if they could help me.

Turns out, the guy I spoke to was from Queens, New York, just a bus-ride away from where I grew up in the Bronx. After reminiscing with him about how easy it was when we were kids, to sneak down to the “good seats” in Shea Stadium, where the Mets play, he eagerly began helping me.

Not only did they get me on another first class seat on the very next outbound flight (which got delayed ANOTHER hour), but if I tell you him and his assistant delivered me what is perhaps the BEST service EVER given in an airport, I STILL don’t think I’d be doing him justice.

I thanked him ever so much, and before I left, I asked if any of his bosses were around, so I could tell them what an excellent job he did, and he basically told me, “Look, we get paid to do this. You are the only person in the last few hours, who didn’t attack me… who didn’t think it was MY fault their plane got delayed… and who didn’t get nasty with me, acting like it was their birthright to get another damn seat on a flight.”

Persuasion is easy when you know the formula. In this case, all I did was politely ask if he could help me.

I was mediocre.

That’s it, plain and simple.

But since this is not our parents world we’re living in anymore, and the days of universal “basic common courtesy” are pretty much gone, if you have ANY manners at all, you won’t just stand out, you’ll be — as Ryan Harris says — a GIANT among men.

And this you can EASILY do.

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