How Do Those Euro Guys Do It?

How do those European men do it?

They always manage to look so graceful and slick, regardless of what they’re doing. I mean, I’m about as graceful as an elephant in an elevator, so perhaps my standard of comparison here isn’t really fair, but you see this all the time.

Here’s what made me think of this: Last week when I was in New York City, the weather was beautiful, and so one day we all headed over to Central Park, just to lie in the grass and relax. There were families all over the place — The Great Lawn and Sheep’s Meadow was PACKED! You’d have thought there was a concert going on out there — or else maybe someone was passing out loose joints at no charge!

But no, it was just the sunny warm weather, which is a rarity in the Big Apple, especially lately.

Anyway, I saw a dad playing soccer out there with his children. Now if this was me, I’d have had gym shorts and a t-shirt on, probably with a sweat-stained baseball cap.

But this guy — who was from Europe — looked like a fashion model or something. Expensive pressed jeans, wrapped in neatly with a designer belt… collared shirt — with the collar up behind his ears, of course… and pair of brown loafers.

And he wasn’t putting it on or anything, either. He was just in his natural state.

How do those Euro guys do it?

If that was me playing in his clothes, I’d have felt like I was in a straight jacket.

Is there a “fashion-plate” gene that’s carried over on the other side of the ocean, that’s missing here? Or is this “normal” and I’m the luddite who can’t get it together?

Are we American guys destined to wear baseball caps forever?

These are questions that are simply beyond my meager ability to figure out answers to.

Aw, what the hell — it’s Friday — all I should be thinking about is fishing and cigars anyway, right? And besides, I wrote the ad I’m talking about in today’s P.S. — the one that TRIPLED my clients business — I wrote that ad while sitting around the house in my underwear, so maybe… “looking good”… doesn’t really matter… after all?

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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