Here’s the very best way to get somebody to pay attention to you.

Marketing is all about communications, and getting your prospects to pay attention to you. It’s about being able to cut through all the clutter in your prospects life, and get them to stop what they’re doing and listen to what YOU have to say.

Here’s the thing though — most people are far too concerned about “how” to cut through the clutter — meaning, getting “in” the door. But then when it comes to “keeping the door opened,” they completely drop the ball.

You see, the BEST way to get somebody to pay attention to you is to simply say something worth their attention. Cutting through the clutter and then standing there with your thumb up your ass, a smile on your face, and that’s it — is nothing but a big waste of time.

That’s like a halfback breaking through the line and having nothing but green between himself and the end zone, but he fumbles the ball, so what does it matter.

And so how do you make sure once you “get through,” you ARE saying something worthwhile? Simple. You say the things they need to hear.

You pour your heart out about how to satisfy their problems… you empathize with all the frustration and pain they’ve been going through. You recognize that what they’re dealing with isn’t fair, and then you acknowledge that the best solution to their problem is what you have to offer, and then you tell them why.

And that’s it.

That’s not too hard, is it?

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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