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Today’s THE last day to take your free test-drive of the Seductive Selling Newsletter, without obligation to do anything else.  Here’s what you’re missing:

*  On this month’s Audio Success CD, you’ll discover how one entrepreneur transformed his entire life by knocking off about 40 stubborn pounds of fat – and what he learned in the process.

*  5 LIVE marketing and copywriting ad examples, including…

*  A Classic Ad from March 1974’s Saturday Evening Post, written by Gene Schwartz, with over 17 short-cuts to use in your business

*  How to use attractive women in your ads — the right way… and the wrong way (in Example 2)

ATTENTION, Garber Ad re-write: How to sell financed items with a wide appeal… to consumers (in Example 4) (includes before and after examples)

*  How to figure out what benefits to list in your ad – especially when space is at a premium!  (see page 4)

*  How to get consumers from all over the country to travel to your business location (Example 5)

*  The ‘big three’ questions you need to answer when you’re writing a sales letter or promotion: if you don’t answer EACH ONE of these three questions, NO ONE will buy.  (page 4)

*  Headlines to use when you’re really not sure why people buy from you — on page 5

*  This month’s Q & A: Part 2, of “How To Be A Hard Opener” – including

–  4 Ways to become a “hard opener”

–  12 ways to create scarcity, distance and solid positioning with QUALIFIED clients and prospects  (on page 7)

*  Why you should never EVER offer a “complimentary consultation”

In this month’s Weekend Update News Column:

–  Data, data, everywhere…

–  Don’t believe everything you read…

–  More USPS problems…

–  Why I love Apple….

–  And a special Section of Cool URL’s

*  And in this month’s Back-End Column:

–  Why the “one big idea” theory is really BS, and what too look for, instead (on page 12)

–  When to IMMEDIATELY know you’re on the verge of a big breakthrough…

–  Why monetary goals are ridiculously ineffective, and what to do, instead…

–  The rear-view mirror story… and more.

We’ll be heading into our 7th year, in the next few months – find out why, NOW.  And, if you don’t make at LEAST an extra 15K in the next 12 months from Seductive Selling, you’ll get every dime you invested in it, refunded.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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