For Type A's only: time management secrets… and why you can't relax

I’m a good guy.  Really, I am.

I hold the door open for strangers… I give up my seat to pregnant women and old people whenever I’m at the doctor’s office… and I even wipe off the seat when I urinate in public rest rooms on the odd occasion when I tinkle on it.

And yet, in spite of this, I have a very tough time relaxing and taking the time I deserve to recharge my batteries.  Even though I’ve clearly “earned” it, I still find this difficult to do.

It’s almost like I’m afraid having nothing to do will “waste” my time.  Yes, this sounds like an oxymoron, but that’s what’s going on inside my mind.

The truth is, if you’re like this also, you’ve just got the habit of working hard and keeping busy, so whenever you have some down time, it’s simply outside of your norm.

And of course, anything that’s outside your norm, makes you feel uncomfortable.


Well, instead of looking at this this empty space as “wasting” time, I’m trying to instead give it a purpose.  See, when you place such a HUGE value on your time, the real issue is, are you spending your time wisely and productively — or not?

So from now on when you relax, give this relaxing time a purpose.  I mean, we’re not stupid, we all KNOW the importance of letting go and unwinding, but this doesn’t make it any easier to do, does it?

But if you assign this time a “task,” just like your busy working time it’s easier to not only allow yourself this peace and quiet, but it’s also easier to feel it’s worth your while to do so.  Don’t call it relaxing, call it re-charging — because everyone knows how important it is to recharge.

Then, just take this time to do something you don’t normally get to do, like read a book… or just sit and enjoy the sunshine.

It’s not easy being a Type A personality, but… it’s a LOT easier when you’re refueling your engine every once in a while, in addition to consuming it.

And on that note, I am actually going outside to sit in the sun and get some color.  Pasty green isn’t looking too good on me right now.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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