Emotional direct-response marketing – How to REALLY back up your claims: 3 ways

I don’t care whether you’re dealing with your customers, your wife, or your kids… here’s how life works:  If you encourage someone to do something, they’re much more likely to listen to you if they believe you.

This isn’t rocket science, and yet, I’m always amazed how people think ego and speaking to their prospects like a big bully, is going to make people listen to you.  This might make “‘sheeple” listen to you… but not people.

And don’t laugh – there’s a fairly big marketplace out there made up almost exclusively of ‘sheeple.’  But since it’s not the marketplace I deal with, nor is it the one most of my customers are dealing with… let’s take a look at 3 ways you can get people to believe you, and therefore listen to your suggestions:

1. Back up your claims with social proof.

I can’t tell you how important this is.  What other people are saying about you in the marketplace, is FAR more important than what you’re saying.

A typical question I get is, “How many testimonials are enough?”  And the answer is, “as many as you have.”  In fact, for our offline newsletter, which has been published monthly, going on five years now, we’ve received so many comments over the years, we have a separate web page devoted just to these comments alone.  (Which you can see, right here.)  http://www.kingofcopy.com/testimonials/

2.  Back up your claims with really solid guarantees.

Nothing expresses your belief and confidence in your products, more than rock-solid guarantees.  The longer your guarantees, and the more guarantees you’re offering, the more your buyers will believe you.

For my book, we offer a lifetime guarantee.

For my offline Newsletter, a “make 15,000 or more in one year” guarantee.

For the Seductive Selling System, and Lead Generation Explosion, there are 6-month unconditional guarantees, and 1-year “make 10,000 or more guarantees”

I even guarantee my consulting time, hourly – here and daily – here.

If you can’t guarantee what you’re selling, then you need to at least guarantee some aspect of the outcome or results of whatever you’re selling.  (I have an entire section in my book devoted to this in Chapter 23, by the way.)

3.  Be consistent.

If one week you’re selling plumbing supplies… and the next week you’re a financial planner… and the next month after that you’re suddenly a real estate expert… you’re not going to have very much credibility, with anyone.  (Even yourself, if you’re honest.)

Look, most people can’t even do one thing well.  Dissatisfaction is pretty much everywhere, when it comes to business.

But even intimating you’re able to do a bunch of unrelated things well, is only going to attract the lowest baseline of customers to you.  People who have no personal integrity, primarily because they have no self-worth or standards.

So if you want to expand, expand vertically and horizontally to related businesses, or at least to related marketplaces.  Where your ability to consistently deliver and be the best, is reliable and makes sense.

Because in life, as you know, there are no “Jacks of all trades.”  But there are millions of people out there who are… “Master of none.”

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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