Emotional direct-response marketing – Day 15: how to find your clients and what to say to them

Day 15:  how to find your clients and what to say to them

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today’s question comes from  Paul Nyamweya – some interesting stuff:

“Hello Craig…!!

My ideal client would be a speaker, pastor, evangelist, life-coach, etc…anyone who has speaking engagements on a regular basis.  I convert their spoken/teaching material (audios, CDs, DVDs) into books.

Literally, anyone who speaks frequently has a potential book every time they speak, it is especially easier to create the book if they work with points in their message, e.g. 7 Trivial Reasons People Fail, 5 Liberating Facts About Pain, etc. Each point ends up becoming a chapter in the book.

I am just getting started in this business, so my biggest hurdle/challenge right now is coming up with a marketing strategy/campaign to identify potential clients.

Looking forward to hearing from you.  Thanks”

O.K., this one’s easy.  I’m going to tell you how to get your clients here, what message to tell them, and the big mistake you’re probably going to be making.


Here goes:  First, let me tell you the big mistake most people would make with this.  Most people think EVERY speaker, pastor, life coach, and so on, is their client.  They’re going to put a message out there that says something like: “Would you like to become an author?”  Or, “Do you want to take your most passionate speeches and turn them into books?”

Then they’re going to convince them why they need to do this… how much better it is if you have a book… yadda, yadda, yadda.

This is NOT the message you want to put out there.  That’s like asking someone if they want to spend four hours out in the heat mowing the grass, as opposed to asking if they want to buy this lawnmower that’s guaranteed to work more efficiently than any other one.

Get my point?

Good.  So in this case, what you want to do is attract those speakers interested in doubling or tripling or multiplying their existing revenue by tenfold even, without doing any extra work.

Then you send them a free report explaining how to do this… what kind of programs you have to offer… and if you have existing clients, share some case studies with them.

As far as how to get clients, there are a number of sources that come to mind, without even really digging into this: direct mail, speakers trade magazines, and advertising to speakers associations and on their websites.

That’s it.  This is a simple problem with a very straight forward, and relatively simple solution.

The big thing to remember, is not to convince all these speakers what you have to offer them, is fantastic.  You want to go after those people who already want this kind of service, and then simply tell them why they should work with you, over someone else.

And Paul, order my book.  You’ve been on my list almost two years now… no more freeloading — I think you’re ready.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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