Emotional Direct-Response Marketing: 3 serious buying objections and how to overcome them

No matter how badly some people want to buy what you’re selling, there’s always going to be a larger percentage looking for reasons NOT to give you their money.  Some of these people — especially if they’ve never done business with you before — are skeptical of you, or the claims you’re making.  And others have issues for any number of reasons that have nothing at all to do with you.

In either case, if you don’t want to lose sales, then you’d better start dealing with these objections.  Ignoring them doesn’t mean your prospects are also going to ignore them.  And in fact, when you ignore these issues, there is NO doubt about it, you are losing sales.

Remember, sales is about making your buyers happy, and satisfying THEIR needs.  Not “what you think they need.”

Along these lines, here are 3 common buying objections and how to overcome them:

1.  Prospect doesn’t believe you:

This typically happens when you haven’t provided enough social proof in the form of testimonials… or because you haven’t given yourself or your product enough credibility.

In Chapter 23 of “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” I show you exactly how to make yourself credible, as well as the 11 other essential components of any sales letter.

2.  Prospect can’t afford what you’re selling:

This is virtually NEVER an objection you need to deal with.  The truth is, people have money for things they WANT.  And if you’re in doubt of this, just look at all the people walking around with low-paying jobs, who have thousands of dollars worth of tattoos up and down their body.

You’d think if someone was making $35 Grand a year, they’d barely be able to feed their kids, let alone buy tattoos and gold jewelry, and go to Disney World.  But like I said, people have money for the things they want, so this becomes a non-issue.

There are ways of structuring your offers that make your products more appealing, but don’t spend too much time worrying about whether or not you’re stuff is affordable.  This is RARELY a real issue when you’re working with qualified prospects and are making irresistible offers.

(On page 38 and 39 in “Maximum Money,” I show you exactly how to make your offers more irresistible.)

3.  Prospect doesn’t understand the value of what you’re giving them.

The primary reason this happens is because you haven’t focused on the benefits of what you’re selling (what your product does for your buyer), and you haven’t explained them fully.  Instead, you’ve focused on the features (what your product is) and really, no one cares what your product or service is — they care what it does for them.

Starting on page 308 and running through page 316, I show you exactly how to communicate the benefits of what you’re selling, so you are believable and credible… and so the value of what you’re offering shines through.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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