Direct-response Copywriting Secrets: 2 incredibly easy ways to make your product or service unique

Something interesting I thought about while I was at the beach last week, that I’ll tell you tomorrow.  But today I want to get right into a strategy that can make you money right away… so let’s get to it.

If you’ve read my book (which is about to explode in sales, in conjunction with a national direct mail campaign I’m doing), then you know how important it is to be different.  You know the best thing you can do for yourself ISN’T to chase someone down and convince them why they need your goods and services, but rather, to find someone who already needs your goods and services, and then just show them why they should get these products from you instead of someone else.

There are many ways of doing this, that I cover in the book.  Yet, many people will still say something like, “But I sell potatoes, how can I be any different from my competition?”  So today let’s take a look at a couple of easy ways you can make yourself very different from your competition.

1. The first thing you can do is change your product or service.

And when I say “change,” sometimes I’m talking about changing the actual product but other times what I really mean is changing your marketing.

So for instance, instead of just selling your services to “everyone,” create niched marketing for individual specific target markets.  Which means you’re basically selling the same services you’re selling now, only you’re speaking directly to a specific audience you’re targeting.

For example, maybe you might want to specialize in selling your goods and services to large manufacturing companies, instead of to just “anyone who will listen.”  And like I said, all you need to do this, is make some subtle shifts in your marketing so now you’re speaking directly to manufacturers.

Maybe something like this, “Look, in today’s day and age when everyone’s getting their widgets manufactured in China, you need to be made out of iron to survive in this industry – even in a good economy!  Working like a dog is no longer a way of getting ahead — it’s what you have to do just to make ends meet!

But in this economy, if you really want to do more than just survive, you have to work smarter… not harder…”

See, then you talk about how your goods or services are specifically tailored to manufacturers, and you give them some specific reasons why.

The nice thing is you can use this strategy for virtually any good or service you might sell.  And frankly, it’s one of the “secret weapons” I use with nearly all my consulting or copywriting clients.

2. Another thing you can do to become different, is reveal something about you or your product the marketplace hasn’t heard before.

Appreciate here, you don’t have to reveal something that’s unique about your product, just something that no one’s heard before.  (Of course the classic story about this is how Claude C. Hopkins took Schlitz beer from 5th in the marketplace to 2nd, as discussed in Scientific Advertising.)

So if you do sell potatoes, you can talk about how your potatoes are hand-picked one-by-one, the good old-fashioned way… and how any potato that isn’t absolutely perfect, is tossed out… and how you get these potatoes from a 7th generation potato farmer out in Idaho who’s family managed to keep their land through the Great Depression and through potato famines, only because of their solid work ethic… and how in a blind taste test, these potatoes came out on top in three different recipes: Momma’s Homestyle Southern Mashed Potatoes, Cajun Cispy Fries, and Louisiana Au Gratin.  And then, of course, give your customers free recipes like this – once a week, online.

Now maybe the truth is, every guy down your block is selling the exact same potatoes, but… do you think you’ve now created a difference that’s going to make selling them a lot easier?  Don’t you think people will want to buy YOUR potatoes over the next guys – even if you’re selling them for 20 cents a pound more?

You betcha.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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