Copywriting & Writing Sales Letters: What can you take out of this?

Interesting article in the New York Times last week, by David Pogue, about the Flip camera and why it went south.  It’s a good read and I’d encourage you to check it out.

One of the more relevant comments in the article was the development philosophy of the Flip team.  To narrow down the focus of their product, they constantly asked themselves, “What can we take out, not what can we put in?”

From a marketing and copywriting standpoint, this is also an incredibly important question that’s usually given little attention.

I think people tend to look at their finished work and instead, say to themselves, “Have I missed anything?  Is there something I need to add?”

But in reality, most copy is far too wordy to start with, especially online.

People seem to mistake “unlimited page length” with the need to fill up unlimited pages.

And this is no more productive than doing 11 hours of cardio in the gym, just because it’s open for 11 hours.

You want to look for word economics, more than anything else.

The better you can deliver the same message with less words and more directness… the more effective you’ll be.

So before you finish writing, always ask yourself, “What can I take out out of this?”

Not, “What can you put in?”

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

P.S.  Discover the RIGHT words to use… AND maybe even more important — all the words to you need to eliminate.

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