Copywriting tips: it's the market stupid, it's the market (and my biggest weakness)

Regardless what you’re selling, your success is directly related to your ability to understand what your marketplace wants, and your ability to communicate this with them.

You’re always far better off selling to individual marketplaces than to big gigantic ones.  (Candidly, this is one of the flaws of my main business – although I often work in tight niche marketplaces, most of the time, I am a generalist.)

Most people aren’t in this situation, however.  You’re probably selling to a much narrower group of people, or several groups of people who all have one or two things in common.

And when you’re in this situation, the smartest thing you can do is break these groups out, and create different marketing pieces for each one of them.  When you do this, you get to address specific concerns each of these marketplaces has, and your prospects are going to be much more responsive because of this.

So for example, let’s say you’re a therapist, and your primary patients are post-partum women… families with teenagers… and people who have self-esteem issues.

Rather than leading with something like, “Don’t Even THINK About Sitting Down With A Therapist Until You’ve Read This!”… which is pretty good… you’re FAR better off creating three different marketing pieces attracting each one of these leads, separately.  Like this:

1.  For the post-partum ladies:

“Attention, New Moms: Are you feeling completely overwhelmed since you’ve had your child?  Do you often find yourself feeling down in the dumps — and sometimes… for no reason at all?”

2.  Families with teenagers:

“Parents of teenagers: “Don’t worry — you aren’t going crazy… and you’re NOT the only ones going through this.  NEW Free Report Reveals… The 7 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Dealing With Teenagers… The Cause You LOADS Of Un-Necessary Stress And Anxiety… And How To Completely Eliminate These Issues!”

3.  And for people with self-esteem issues:

“Ever feel like things just aren’t going your way?  Wish it wasn’t so tough dealing with people?”

See, messages like this are going to strike a deep emotional chord with your prospects.  And more than likely, you’re going to be the only one around creating this kind of emotional rapport.  And as a result…

You’ll also be… the only one around… making any kind of serious coin, as well.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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