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Saturday night, my younger son Casey called me into his room.  He was getting dressed and wanted my opinion on which shirt I thought would match better with his jeans.

He settles on a shirt, and then he says to me, “Great, now I’m just going to put a t-shirt on underneath this.”

I’m sort of puzzled because he’s never worn t-shirts underneath his shirts… we’re not Mormons… and it’s still pretty hot out down here — at least, way too hot to be wearing two shirts, anyway.

So he explains the story behind this: Apparently, on the TV show Jersey Shore, the guys there wear t-shirts under their shirts.  And since these guys do it, the implication is “everyone’s” doing this — it’s a “must.”

I don’t watch Jersey Shore, nor will I watch it in this lifetime.  But… I’m always intrigued by pop culture fads like this, because sometimes it gives you another way to create rapport with your buyers.

For example, I forgot what sales letter it was, but some time in the last three years I wrote a line in a piece that said, “Look taking a course on XYZ [intentionally omitted] and then going out and trying to do them, is like watching Gray’s anatomy and then going out and trying to perform open heart surgery.  It’s never ever as simple as it says in the book.”

One of the reasons drawing pop culture components into your marketing is effective, is because you’re entering the conversation and participating in the background chatter that’s currently going on in your buyers mind.

When you do this, you’re not only creating conversational rapport with your buyers, but you’re also disarming them, because you’re relating to them on a subject outside of whatever it is you’re trying to sell them.

Yet… it’s not such a personal subject that you have to worry about crossing any boundaries – you’re still “outside their bubble.”

If you want to uncover hot topics people are talking about and searching for online, then check out Google Trends.

But make sure you apply some common sense here.  Remember, sometimes just because a thousand people are saying something stupid… doesn’t mean it’s not stupid.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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