Copywriting tips: Can you pass this simple 3-question marketing quiz?

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Good, here goes:

There are a couple of unspoken strategies you can use in your marketing, that operate on a subconscious level and do two things for you.  One, is to get your customers directly involved with you.  And a very simple way of doing this is by using a quiz.

And the second thing, is to share some really good information with your buyers.  You want to do this so you’re not like every other sales person out there, who’s just trying to take their money, and who could basically care less about establishing any kind of a relationship.

Here’s an example of how you can put both of these things together, and then I’ll even show you some examples of how you can use this in any other industry:

Simple 3-Question Marketing Quiz:

1.  What’s the most important aspect of any selling formula:

a.  The sales copy
b.  The marketplace itself
c.  Your selling strategy
d.  All of the above – you can’t sell a thing unless each of these things are in place.

Answer: B

The truth is, having a rabid marketplace that’s ready to buy, is the most important aspect of any selling scenario.

See, you can have the greatest sales copy and the most flawless marketing strategy ever developed.  But if you’re not talking to the right audience, it doesn’t matter — it’s all wasted.

Alternatively, there are thousands of examples out there, of businesses that exist, in SPITE of poor marketing strategies and awful sales copy.  And, they exist simply because they are selling something people really want.  You and I see ads in magazines and online, and on television commercials, that are shining examples of this, all day long.

2.  What’s the most important reason you need good sales copy?

a.  To get a better response.
b.  To sell and make more money.
c.  To get your buyers involved with what you have to say.
d.  To disarm your buyers so they’re not guarded.

Answer:  D

Might not be what you think, but after writing copy and working in this industry for almost 11 years now, D is the most important, and here’s why: if you don’t accomplish “D,” none of the other items on this list are going to be possible.

And the more hectic life becomes… the more technology expands… and the more messages clamoring for your buyer’s attention… the more important this answer becomes.  If you can’t get someone to pay attention to you, with an open mind and an open heart… then you’re going to have to bank on “hope” to make a living.

And as I discuss in Chapter 1, ‘hope’ is a terrible business strategy.

3.  Craig Garber is:

a.  Probably the best copywriter alive today
b.  One of the brightest and most clever direct-marketing strategists you’ll ever find
c.  They guy you want on your team if you’re trying to figure out how to squeeze a LOT more sales out of your business
d.  One handsome SOB
e.  All of the above

Answer: E.

If I have to explain why… then sadly, you have far more problems than I can solve inside a mere e-mail.  But pay attention to the rest of this, because it’s VERY important:

Both of these two strategies give you incredible leverage by:

1.  Allowing you to establish tremendous rapport.

When you’re getting your buyers involved with you, you start an internal organic dialog that can only grow from there, into a full-blown business relationship.

2.  Separating you from practically all your competition.

By informing your buyers, you’re letting them know you care about them — while most of your competitors only care about their wallets and what’s in it for themselves.

Only people who genuinely care about their buyers, take the time to help them become better shoppers, better consumers, better educated in general.  And remember… no one cares how much you know, until they know how much you care.

3.  Giving you instant positioning as an authority

Look, you’re taking someone else’s quiz, they’re not taking your quiz.  By having them take your quiz and presumably learn something from it, you’ve quite easily become an authority.

And here’s the good thing – you can even use the same subject line of this e-mail, as the headline of your ad!  Doesn’t even matter what industry you’re in.  Looky here:

Can you pass this simple 3-question Real Estate quiz?

Can you pass this simple 3-question Landscaping quiz?

Can you pass this simple 3-question Relationship quiz?

See how easy this stuff is!  Am I a genius… or what?

Don’t forget – this is good stuff, so forward it to a few of your cleverest friends.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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