Copywriting tips: after Thanksgiving: the good, the bad… and the pretty ugly

Copywriting tips: after Thanksgiving: the good, the bad… and the pretty ugly

I hope your Thanksgiving went well, and you got to enjoy the holiday with your family.

Mine was, well… typical I guess. I enjoyed spending time with my family and taking off work, but to be honest, the entire dinner thing was conventionally dysfunctional, as usual.

Kids fighting with each other… kids fighting with us… kids leaving the table — like I said, the typical dysfunctional Thanksgiving you’d expect.

Of course by the end of the day, everything was all settled, but hey, that’s life with kids, isn’t it?

And I’ll tell you, the amount of sales going on out there is nothing shy of phenomenal! I don’t know whether or not their are any real bargains going on, but there sure wasn’t any lack of activity, was there?

The good news is, people are spending more money this year than last year, and I think this is welcome news for anyone is business, no?

One of the things I notice is some folks seem to think saying something like “Big Sale” and then making an offer, is enough to generate business.

Not so.

At all.

The truth is, especially in a situation like this when you’re effectively simply trying to shout louder than the next guy, you’d better be giving someone a damn good REASON to pay attention to you.

For example, a few ads I got this morning were so weak it boggled my mind.

One, for instance, offered 20% savings — but only if you ordered before 10 am. After that, you could still get 10% off.

Have you ever heard anything so stupid? That’s like telling someone “You aren’t worth as much to me after 10am.”

If you want to use scarcity, then use it by specifically limiting the number of items available, not by giving someone what’s basically a marginal discount to start with — and then limiting this discount to the first hour after your normal retail store opens.

Strange, isn’t it?

Another one, this one sells expensive candy — they are giving you… sit down and brace yourself for this one — a whole 8 dollars off one of their items. Can you believe this?

8 dollars isn’t even enough to get you into a movie on a Saturday night.

Do these people really think “save $8” is compelling? That’s like telling someone in a bakery they can get a half a crusty bread roll for free when they buy this $45 apple pie.

Amazing, isn’t it?

People don’t seem to understand the purpose of having a sale is to drive massive amounts of cash through your doors and get new customers.

And if you want to do this, then you’d better make the kind of offer people are going to pay attention to, and take action on.

Along these lines, next month we’re going to be running a sale on three things:

1. Back-issues of my Seductive Selling Newsletter from 2005 – 2009.

2. Hourly consulting time (one hour available, only). And…

3. Sales copy reviews, where you submit your copy to me and then we get on the phone and I go over it with you, step by step.

Each one of these items has an unconditional guarantee that comes with it, as well, so nothing to worry about, either.

And once the sale goes on, don’t hesitate to jump on it. Because back-issues are only on sale until we run out of them… and I am only giving discounts on the first TEN hourly consulting sessions booked… and the first FIVE sales copy reviews.

That’s because this involves my personal time and that’s not something I have an unlimited amount of.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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