Copywriting Tips

Copywriting Tips: 2 Ways to solve BIG marketing problems

When you’re writing a promotion… nothing should be “accidental.”

Sure, you might accidentally stumble across an idea that’s really smart or quite profitable. But ultimately… everything you write and present to your buyers, should be deliberate, and it should be purposeful.

It’s no different than having surgery. A doctor doesn’t make a cut, or move around some body parts, “just for the hell of it,” or just because, “It seemed like the right thing to do,” or because… “He didn’t know what else to do with it.”


Of course.

And your sales copy and your marketing should follow this same philosophy.

Especially these two items:

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At the beginning of every promotion I work on, the first thing I do, is… I sit down and write across the top of a sheet of paper, the specific problem I’m trying to fix or solve.

For instance:

How to generate qualified leads for this plastic surgery business?

Then, underneath that, I’ll write down how we are defining “qualified lead” for this particular situation.

In some campaigns you need a lead that’s more qualified than others, so it’s important you’re being specific — especially with yourself, and especially when you’re trying to solve problems.

And yes, I actually write with real pens and a real sheet of paper — very old school, I know.

This is a great way to start generating ideas and to just make sure everything you write is congruent with, and aligned with your overall goal of solving this specific problem.

The other thing you want to make sure is deliberate and purposeful, is of course, your sales copy. I can’t tell you how many sales copy reviews I do, and I see words and phrases lying around randomly, like splotches of grease left over on the kitchen counter.

When you’re re-reading your copy, it’s really critical you ask yourself, “Does this word help solve my problem?” “Is this phrase really necessary, or not?”

This way, whatever’s left, is deliberate and purposeful.

And when everything you produce is deliberate and purposeful… you’re delivering something that’s quite powerful.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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