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Copywriting tip: How (and why) you need to sell

Hope your weekend went well. I took some much-needed time off and got to relax — I sure hope you got to do the same thing.

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Now, let’s get into it:

Ever wish you could just put up a web page… or send out a piece of mail, and just describe your product or service — and loads of people would suddenly buy? Regardless of what words you used?

That you didn’t have to “sell” anything in order to get paid?

That would be sweet, for sure.

But unfortunately, that’s not how most business works.

The truth is, for most businesses… NOTHING gets bought, until it gets sold first.

And if you understand WHY things have to be sold first, it’s probably going to take some of the stress off you, when you’re trying to sell.

So let’s talk about why you have to sell.

Appreciate that most goods and services — especially from your buyers vantage point — aren’t very different from one another.

It’s extremely hard to tell the difference between one financial planner and the next… between one karate school and the next… between one Vitamin C supplement and the next… and between one music teacher from the next.

And as David Ogilvy once said, “The greater the similarity between products, the less part ‘reason’ plays in brand selection.”

And that’s where you come in — and where good salesmanship comes in.

This means if you want to get someone to buy, you need to do TWO things.

1. First, you need to take “reason” out of the equation.

And the only way you can possible take ‘reason’ out of the equation, is by creating emotionally compelling connections that tap into the existing wants of your buyers.

2. The second thing you have to do is to make your particular product or service, “different.”

You have to REMOVE this similarity that exists, so people can “feel” the difference.

And this is why you need to sell.

So from now on, before you sit down and start writing, write down these two things at the top of your page, and focus all your efforts around them:

1. How can you create an emotional connection with your buyers? And…

2. How can you be different?

If you focus all your ideas around these two themes, and then weave them together… chances are outstanding you’re going to create something your competition doesn’t know about, and can’t replicate.

Something that will sell very effectively.

Oh, and by the way — even if you are just generating a lead, instead of trying to make a sale, use these same two themes. Since your end goal is the same, it’ll work like a charm.

Use ’em whenever you want someone to do something — which is really the heart of selling, anyway.

Isn’t it?

Comments? Leave ’em below.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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