Copywriting secrets: 2 Headline mistakes and how to fix them, now

Write a good headline and you may be well on your way to developing the an ad or sales letter that can run forever, quite literally changing your life.  That’s because being able to get someone’s attention is so critical when it comes to marketing.  A good headline can, and will, make you or break you.

After all, even the best copy in the world will never get read, if the headline isn’t strong enough to attract your buyers in the first place.  So today I’m going to give you two VERY simple concepts to keep in mind for writing headlines.

In fact, if you want, you can use nothing else but these two concepts as your main headline writing strategies for the rest of your life, you’ll be all set.


OK, good, let’s go.

First of all, above everything else, your headline’s got to offer your buyer something they actually want.  You need to understand specifically what your buyer wants, and then you must appeal to their self-interest.

And mind you, you don’t necessarily need some long-winded headline to get your buyer’s self-interest.  For instance, let’s take a look at these:

Bass Fishing?

Eliminate Back Pain… Forever!

Retire At 59 And Live Rich For The Next 30 Years!

Travel To Europe This Summer For Less Than You Think!

Triple Your Energy Level!

Add 75 Pounds To Your Bench Press In 30 Days Or Less!

Are you starting to see where I’m going with this?

Good – see, this is all about understanding what self-interests your buyers have.

Now the next thing you can do, is to give people some news about what they want to buy.  Everyone loves the news, and that’s because it’s the most current information you can get your hands on.

So using the headlines we just discussed, let’s look at how you might add a news component to them:

Hot New “Go-Getter” Lure, Catches Bass Morning… Noon… And Night!

New “No Risk” Formula To Retire At 59: Do You Qualify?

Now Vacation In Europe: New “Backroad to Luxury” Discovered!

New Scientific Breakthrough Triples Your Energy Level!

Unusual New Supplement Adds 75 Pounds To Your Bench Press In 30 Days Or Less

See how this works?

And yes, you’re probably thinking, “Boy, he’s using the word “New” quite a lot,” and you’re right.  But there’s a reason why: people are obsessed with new things.  Like I said, it’s the premise of news, and frankly, it may be the entire success behind the Internet itself.

But that’s another topic for another day.  For now, just keep these two concepts in mind, the next time you’re trying to attract someone’s attention.  When you can do this, selling becomes fun… not work.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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