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Here’s a great little copywriting “secret within a secret” for you.  Guarantees, as long as they are good ones (another subject for another day) are one of the most important safety nets you can offer your customers.

However, there are some situations where having a guarantee makes a HUGE difference, and other situations where this isn’t necessarily so.

For instance, when you’re selling something online, offering a guarantee in a money-making niche doesn’t necessarily make you look any different from the tens of thousands of other people out there selling the exact same thing.

And see, guarantees are most effective when they’re not only strong and solid and genuine, but when they also offset you from everyone else.  When your guarantee creates a differential, it’s as if it is turbo-charged.

So where guarantees actually become more important, is when you’re selling a product that’s not typically associated with a guarantee.

For instance, a few weeks ago I needed to get some drain de-clogger.  One of the brands stuck out amongst all the others on the shelf at Home Depot, was the one with the big giant orange “Money-Back Guarantee” sticker slapped onto the side of the bottle.

NONE of its competitors had anything even remotely close to this so I grabbed this bottle right away and was off and running.  Never even looked at the price or considered how much it cost, compared to the other ones on the shelves.

I thought of this again, the other day when I needed to get my hands on a flash drive.  When you to to, there are literally hundreds of drives to choose from.  But if all I saw was “Lifetime Guarantee” or “Guaranteed to last 3 years,” or something like this… it would have made my decision-making MUCH easier.

Keep this in mind moving forward.  Your guarantee isn’t just risk-reversal protection you offer your buyers, it’s also a marketing differential you need to leverage, whenever you can.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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