Business Strategy Consulting: Say "NO" to new ideas? Yes!

I read few weeks ago where it said something like, from the dawn of time until 2005 there were 5 exabytes of information produced.  Today, however… 5 exabytes of information are being produced… every two months!

And while I am a firm believer of keeping up with the times and having an awareness of new technologies and new breakthroughs, the truth is… these external increases in information have nothing to do with the amount of your own personal bandwidth.

The amount of mental shelf space you have doesn’t increase past a certain point, regardless of how much information is increasing around you.  Which means your continued pursuit of all this ‘new’ stuff is sometimes like trying to shove a watermelon through a garden hose.

And this is the primary reason why I don’t typically pursue new technology.  It’s not that I don’t want to, or I’m not interested.  I don’t chase down the hottest new idea like dogs chasing the bunny around the track simply because I don’t have the bandwidth for it.

And frankly, much of it isn’t going to accomplish the primary things I’m looking for, anyway: sources of new leads… ways of converting my prospects into buyers, faster… and more creative ways of generating back-end sales within the work parameters I’ve set up.

If it’s not in that area, I’m not interested.  I don’t care that it’ll save me five minutes while brushing my teeth, or allow me to upload my ftp faster.  These things aren’t very high on my priority list of things I can afford to invest my time in.

I focus on the things that are important to me, and accept the fact that this isn’t a perfect world.  I’m not a car – I fully realize and accept I will never be able to run at ‘maximum efficiency.’  I’m good with this — honestly.

But give me something that’s going to allow me to accomplish the big three: more leads, more back-end sales, faster conversions… and I’m all ears.

Understanding this information – which mostly revolves around how people think, feel, and act… and knowing what the market wants — has been far more productive for me, than anything else.

At this point in time, after almost 11 years of writing copy and creating direct-response marketing strategies… the truth is, I’m not really looking for big huge breakthrough ideas.  I’m looking for incremental improvements to pre-established systems, that’ll give me a slight edge here… an extra percentage point or two there… a few hours less work on a project every once in a while.  And that’s it.

Understanding the basic fundamentals — knowing markets, human psychology, and how to push your  prospects buy-buttons — makes you a lot more money than virtually anything else.

Unless of course, you’re in the business of selling “breakthrough new stuff!”  In which case, you probably do need to immerse yourself in all this crap.

But jeez, at 5 exabytes of info to go through every two months, I think my job of figuring out the human mind is probably a breeze compared to this.

It’s like adding gears to a bicycle.  After you have 10, 15, 21 gears… does your performance really improve by adding another 10?  Probably not, but focusing on your breathing, your endurance, and your physical strength — the basics — gives you the slight edge you’re looking for, that opens more doors and generates more revenue… than you’ll ever need.

that’s my story and i’m sticking to it.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  This just came in earlier today:  “I’ve thought a lot about you these past weeks and what you have been through (yes I have your AWESOME book) and how you have succeeded… By the way, thanks a MILLION for the advice you gave me when you read my copy a few months ago.  You said:  “Concentrate on doing ONE THING WELL and then do the same with the next task and everything will start to fall in place”.  I started to do that right away and stopped looking at the bottom line.  Results???  With two months to go, my sales have grown so far 67% past last year! Not only that, we beat our best year ever already and that years was 10 years ago!!!  I would NEVER HAD thought that were possible.  Rock on man!  You are all making such a difference.  God bless you Bro!  Peace out!” Edwin Soler – Exton, PA  Is YOUR next 67% growth surge in here as well?  Discover what YOU’RE missing – comes with a LIFETIME Guarantee.

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