Business Lead Generation: Five costly reasons why leads don't convert

We’ve all been there — I know I have.  You spend tons of time and energy creating a lead generation system… you finally put it out there… and lo and behold – you’re getting leads!

Tons of fresh new leads, in fact.

So you put these leads through your conversation process.  Maybe it’s a free report… maybe it’s an autoresponder with some kind of giveaway sequence… or maybe it’s some kind of a free meeting you offer.

You’re out there, on a mission, cranking your leads out and pushing them through your conversion process, one after another.  And they’re all smiling, and your costs are adding up, and you’re getting all excited, but still… nothing happens.

None of your leads are converting and this doesn’t change regardless of where you’re running your front end ads.

Sound familiar?

Unfortunately, clients come to me with this all the time.

And this is one of the most disappointing experiences you can have because you feel like you’re wasting opportunity.  And for many people, opportunity doesn’t come by too often, so when it does, and you can’t take advantage of it… you feel sick.

So let’s take a look at XX reasons why leads don’t convert.

1.  Your lead generation piece and your conversion process aren’t congruent with one another.

Meaning, what you promised the lead that got them to respond to your initial message, isn’t being delivered to them in the follow-up process.

So maybe you promised them a free vacation, and instead you’re telling them how to save money traveling overseas.  Or maybe you promised them you’d show them a new way of storing old stamps, instead it’s the same old same old they’ve already seen three times this week.

The point is, in this case, you’re dealing with the wrong prospects.  So what you want to do is, adjust your front-end messages to make sure you’ve got the right people coming into your sales funnel in the first place.

Then, make sure your conversion process is offering them exactly what you promised, which is why they responded in the first place.

Oh, and keep in mind that often, there are small subtle differences in your copy, that make a big difference.

2.  The second reason why prospects don’t convert is because they don’t believe what you’re telling them.

This isn’t something I can explain in an e-mail, but basically in this situation, you haven’t done a good job credentializing yourself or your what you’re offering.  ‘Nuff said…

3.  The third reason is because they can’t afford what you’re selling.  Which is rare, especially if you did any kind of qualification up front.

See, regardless of how much money people have, they want what they want, and they’ll find the money for it if they want it bad enough.

4.  Fourth reason, which is really a spin-off of number 3, is that there isn’t any market for what you’re selling – no one wants to buy your stuff, or take your free audit or whatever.

Not everything can be sold or even given away for that matter.  (New Coke, helo-o-o)  And if there’s no want, there’s no market – regardless of how good you are or how good your marketing is.

5.  Lastly, and this reason is really a spin-off of the last reason… is that your prospects don’t understand what you’re offering and why you’re offering it.  Meaning, they don’t know what’s in it for them).  This is almost 100% attributable to bad copy.

Bottom line: one of these reasons is most likely for a low or zero conversion of leads to buyers, so go through them and identify which of them is “stopping the presses” in your business.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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