Back-end sales: how direct-mailers make their money

if you’re anything like me, you’re inherently inquisitive about loads of different things — especially things related to business and marketing and such, so this”ll be interesting for you.

ever get a big package of stuff in the mail and wonder how they’re making any money from it?

specifically, when you order an entry-level free trial for something and the marketing and distribution costs of whatever you ordered are clearly WAY over the cost of your trial price — want to know what’s really going on here?

ok, good.  because this is interesting and it’s how uber-successful marketers make their fortunes.  (dare i say, myself included)

so for instance, one time i ordered a few alternative health care books from a famous national publisher, for next to nothing.  there was no money to be made on this first purchase.  BUT…

here’s just SOME of the ways these companies make money in this situation:

Back-end sales – the “back-end” is the real meat for most smart publishers.  it’s the “sale after the sale,” and often consists of affiliate product sales… more sophisticated and expensive product upsets… and sometimes, even consulting or workshop-like events.  if you don’t have a back-end to your business, it’s truly costing you, big-time.

and keep in mind, the lion’s share of your ability to have a thriving back-end is based on two things:

one, your ability to over-deliver on the front-end.  NOTHING will cripple you faster than shoddy workmanship or disappointing your brand new customers.

and two, your ability to market these goods and services.

list rentals – building a mailing list of people hungry to order niche-related products is a great way to create a steady thriving list rental income

newsletter subscriptions – long-term newsletter subscriptions across a number of interrelated topics are almost always part of a publisher’s back-end

see, most people know the first sale is like the first kiss: the best… is yet to come.

if you don’t currently have a back-end to your business, i’d encourage you to create one, as fast as possible.  it will make your entire business — and therefore your entire life — much more exciting and dramatically different.

on pages 177 – 179 in my new book, “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” you get 21 different ways to make money in a back-end situation exactly like i just described.

in fact… Chapter 14, called “The Incredible Power of Your Back-End” is completely devoted to this one subject.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber


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