Attention, go-getters only: Insider's group Q & A – "advice based on my specific questions"

One of my longest running groups is my Maverick’s Group.  You need to listen to just some of the many questions I answered for the members of this group, over the last couple of months alone.  Maybe you have similar questions you need answered in your business:

1st set, from an industry “guru” in California:

Craig, here are other groups I’d like to hit up to generate leads:

1) XX (intentionally eliminated) Owners (as potential JV partners, not clients for marketing services)

2) Other XX Instructors

I want to send these groups the marketing pieces for the teleseminar and then get them in as students.

For those who attend the class I want to offer them the opportunity to become joint venture partners.

Your thoughts or suggestions for this plan?

Do I even need to make them students first, or should I just invite them is as JV partners from the start?

As for the other XX instructors — do I need to do anything in the marketing pieces to them, to address the issue of competition or can I just leave this issue alone?

2nd set, from an accountant in South Florida:

I’m (still) having issues getting my envelopes opened.  My target prospects are busy business owners who tend to stick my letter in a pile. Those who do read the letter, tend to do so weeks/months later.

Any suggestions on getting my letter noticed/opened/read ?

I’m hesitant to junk up the outside, I don’t know if that sends the right message for me.  Your thoughts?

3rd set, from one of my UK members in an unusual service business:

For the best part of two years, ever since you helped me do the first one, we have been sending both a technical note and a ‘XX.’  Not necessarily all together and not on a regular basis, but more when I get around to it or have something special to say.

This has been very successful and our customers look forward to receiving them and I know that many of the keep and file them.

Since trying to get my head around your book and wanting take your advice, I would now like to introduce a XX, but don’t know how to price it or even how to introduce it.

I think I should cover the following subjects each month:  (He then listed 11 different subjects)

It looks a lot to me, how can I manage that every month, and how do I charge for it?

Our current data base is about 4000 names of XX and contractors that have either bought from us or we have sent information to and these all get the newsletters.

There are around 20,000 potential users of our products and services in the UK and we could certainly sell the ideas to all english speaking countries.

I do like the idea of 2000 people paying me £47 a month but somehow think that is a little ambitious even by your own high standards.

I look forward to our discussion and thank you in advance.

4th set, from an Industry guru in Massachusetts:

Hey Craig,

1- Do you give out reference phone numbers as reference for peeps who want to join your program?

2- How do you avoid getting on the phone with people who are ultimately just going to waste your time?

3- How do you handle bad CC swipes, every month?

4- How can I reactivate old coaching group and Newsletter members.

5- How do I price this new program and do I include my newsletter with or without coaching calls or teleseminars.

I will have a my 1st stand alone product soon, “XX”  As far as pricing goes, I’m thinking $77 bucks with a 90min call & 12 page handout.  How does this sound to you and am I missing or overlooking anything?


Membership in the Mavericks Group is a complete STEAL at $299 bucks a month.  Our monthly call is next week and for the first three people (ONLY) who sign up, I will also send you 2 sets of CDs from two months worth of prior Mavericks coaching calls.

Yes, besides getting everything listed on this page right here, you’ll also receive four Audio CDs with over 3 hours of prior coaching calls on them.

Act now, this isn’t going to be open very long, and what you’re getting is nothing shy of astounding value for the investment.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  Our February call takes place next week so don’t wait.  Here’s what Dan Tuey, out of San Francisco, had to say about his decision to join this group:

“Craig, just wanted to let you know how awesome my first Mavericks call was. The quality of the advice completely validated my decision to join your group.

I’ve been in two other mentoring groups before yours and never received the honest, specific advice you’ve already offered. The other mentoring groups never gave me the one on one attention that I’ve received in your calls. The best part of Mavericks Coaching is that you offer advice based on my specific questions.

With the other mentoring groups, I felt like they were trying to fit me into their marketing style, regardless of the questions or concerns I had for my business. Either way, its great to be able to get specific advice for my specific concerns. Frankly, I’ve been floundering for a few years now trying to get this business going. Since joining your group, I finally feel like things are starting to happen. Thanks Craig. Looking forward to next months call. All the best,”

Remember, the extra bonus is only good for the first three people ONLY who sign up.  You can register right here.

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