Ask your mother: How Much Have You Made Sitting On The Fence?

This is unbelievable.

Testimonials are literally now starting to POUR in, about my new Lead Generation Explosion product, that takes you step-by-step through the creation of a marketing piece I wrote that generated a 42.7% response on the first mailing!

Yesterday I received this one from a VERY seasoned marketer, Terry Wygal — not THAT Terry Wygal who’s on late night pay-per-view channels (besides, her last name is “Weigal”) — I’m talking about Terry Wygal the successful Houston, Texas real estate investor and well-known coach.

And as you know, they don’t screw around in Texas.

Anyway, here’s what Terry, who has been a long-time offline newsletter subscriber of mine, had to say:

“Hey Craig, Just got the package this morning on your Lead Generation Explosion program and tore right into it. I started reading the material while listening to the audio and have already extracted about 4 ideas I wasn’t doing right that are being implemented immediately.

I have to tell you – the cynic in me always says, “Well Craig is paid huge amounts of money to write copy so don’t fall for his sales letters on his products.” (Sorry that just the cynic coming out) But whenever I order something you have created, it gives me about a 10-fold return.

I do a lot of marketing campaigns, tele-seminars, webinars, live events, boot camps and an online membership program. I can’t even imagine what the lifetime value of this Lead Generation Explosion program will return for me – but I know it will be almost in the area of buying Dell when it did it’s IPO.

Thanks again for clearing up a lot of gray area for me – and the Income Explosion I should receive in return. Terry Wygal

PS – No – I was not paid to write this – if anyone is sitting on the fence and looking for an excuse Not To Buy – you have to do better than that one because I paid for the course in full just like everyone else did. You might have to use the old fall back excuse of “My Mommy won’t let me buy it.”

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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