Are All Astronauts Jilted Lovers?

I don’t read the papers a lot, but I did see the news about the astronaut who wanted to kill another woman who was sleeping or supposedly sleeping with her lover.

A psychologist was being interviewed about this and said the nutty astronaut — meaning, the gal who wanted to snuff out the “other” female astronaut — probably had some underlying “unresolved issues.”

Gosh, this guys parents must be thrilled he was able to come up with some swift mental detective work like that, no?

Apparently Lisa Nowak, the jilted lover astronaut, drove 900 miles from Houston to Orlando while wearing diapers, presumably so she wouldn’t have to stop and go potty.

I wonder if she bought her diapers in Costco?

When my kids were little we bought their diapers at Costco because they were so darn cheap. When you have two kids that are only 20 months apart, diapers is a HUGE item on your budget.
The other revealing thing the psychologists involved here said, is that “when people are under extreme pressure, they can often snap.”

Again, those docs are brilliant, aren’t they?

Look, reality is, the deeper an emotional reaction that occurs, the more motivated someone is, and the greater lengths they will go to, in their “reaction” to this emotional trigger.

This is NO different when it comes to selling, which is why the very FIRST thing you should do when it comes to your marketing, is go through your “Checklist Of EmotionalTriggers” like the one inside The Seductive Selling System – – and figure out which of your prospects emotional buy-buttons you’re going to need to push, to get them to take your desired action.

Perhaps its “greed”… perhaps it’s “fear”… or perhaps, as in this case, it’s “envy.” Each of these can be very powerful in their own right. It’s up to YOU to decide how to use them moving forward.

Or not.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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