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Today’s the last day to get my $5,000 Ad Writing Workshop on sale for only $997.

Here are the Top Ten Reasons why you should take advantage of this sale, save the $4 Grand, and start profiting from this program, immediately.

10. I revealed the 15 most important secrets Gary Halbert taught me, when I worked with him back in 2003.

These secrets have functioned as the foundation of basically every marketing strategy I’ve ever used. Every selling decision… all the social engineering of every marketing campaign I’ve worked on… and every piece of copy I’ve ever written. I’ve never revealed these things before.

9. You’ll NEVER have to worry about: HOW to put together an ad, sales letter, or e-mail… WHAT to say…. HOW to say it… or WHEN to say it (and, when NOT to!)

All the idea prompts are there, laid out in sequential order, for you.

8. You’ll NEVER have to wonder what the “theme” or “story line” of your sales letter should be.

Or what direction you story needs to go in — whether you’re selling something or simply trying to generate leads.

Again, all the story lines and examples are here for you.

7. You will never need to look at any other swipe file material, for the rest of your life.

In fact, the swipe file in here, (which is used as examples throughout the workshop), can probably last you TEN lifetimes.

6. This was a ONE-TIME ONLY event!

It is NOT a workshop I will be running ever again. With so many projects, new developments, and new businesses I’m working on, I thrive on change and on new challenges. This was a one-shot deal only, where I revealed all the behind the scenes secrets to writing clean, clear, conversational, and emotionally compelling sales copy that completely eliminates buying resistance.

5. If you pay in full, you get Free Shipping.

Just watch the video below, and you’ll see how much of a value this is. Oh, and bear in mind… I didn’t drop the CD cases – just the books. Bottom line: This thing is PACKED with good information.

4. You can make 2 or 4 payments.

Which means, you can have your return on investment paid for, before you’ve paid for it. Besides…

3. It comes with not one, but TWO money back Guarantees.

2. It’s not only a copywriting program, but the selling strategies you’ll uncover, are worth their weight in gold.

One person who attended — someone who wasn’t even an experienced marketer — used the information immediately, and pulled a FIVE TIMES higher response. (you can read about this story here)

1. And lastly… you’ll save $4,000 bucks.

Do we really need any more reasons that that?

I don’t think so. ‘Nuff said.

Have a great weekend.

Oh, and if you still want more, watch this video:

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. The video should answer all your questions, but if it doesn’t, feel free to contact Anne in my office at or 813-333-2463

We appreciate your business – thanks :-)

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Craig GarberAuthor of "How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers, " and publisher of Seductive Selling - an offline marketing newsletter currently read in 15 countries, world-wide. In a nutshell, I do two things: 1. I show you how to attract a reliable, steady stream of pre-qualified leads who are ready to do business with you NOW... 2. And I increase your net profits and cash-flow, by increasing your customer, client, or patient value -- often, dramatically. How do I do this? By developing, and helping you implement, unique, personalized lead generation and marketing strategies... using compelling sales messages that push your customers emotional buy-buttons. I've worked with over 300 clients in more than 104 different industries, since March of 2000, and I really enjoy what I do. I'm a stable, reliable, happily married family guy with three kids who loves life and always follows through on my commitments and promises. I love to listen to music, workout, read, travel with my family, take pictures, and go bass fishing. I always say "Yes," when it comes to good cigars, good books, and good coffee :-)