Maximum Money With Minimum Customers: 2 monks walk into a bar, one turns around to the other and says…

Two devoted monks find themselves bound together, traveling by foot across a vast land.

At one point, they’d been traveling without a break for many miles, and they meet up with a woman sitting on the side of a river bed, crying.  The woman turns to them and explains how she must get back across the river to her children, but because she is too weary… she doesn’t think she can safely overcome the steady river currents.

She asks if the monks can please help her across, letting them know how grateful she would be.

The two monks pause and look at one another, and immediately, the older monk picks up the woman and safely carries her across the river.

When the older monk returns to his partner, some time later… the younger monk is staring at him, horrified.

See, one of the many oaths these monks had taken, was to never EVER touch a woman.

And the younger monk simply doesn’t understand how the older monk could, in good conscience, violate this most important oath.

However, too intimated to ask the older monk, the younger monks says nothing, and the two of them carry on for the remainder of their journey.

An hour passes… then a second… and then a third hour.

And all during this time, the tension is building inside the younger monk.  He simply can NOT understand how the older monk had the audacity to pick up that woman and carry her across the river.

Finally, after four hours, the young monk can no longer contain himself, and he gushes forth, “Sir, how could you have picked up that woman back there on the river bed?”

To which the old monk replies, “Oh, are you still carrying her around?  I put her down four hours ago.”

I think we all carry around far too much stuff from our past, for longer than we deserve to.  Our backs are weighted down with a sack FILLED with mistakes, guilty feelings, hurts, failures, regrets over things you didn’t do or paths you didn’t walk down, and fears about the future.  And the sad thing is, we carry these things around voluntarily.  No one’s sitting there with a gun to your head, demanding you carry them around.

Your mind could care less whether or not you are burdened with these issues, or… whether you put them down on the side of the river bed.  However, how your life turns out, the amount of success, love and happiness you experience… is directly related to how big that sack is on your back, and how long you want to carry it around for.

I don’t know about you, but to me… it makes a hell of a lot of sense to put that sack down.

Ready to join me?

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S.  ANYONE can put down that sack filled with yesterday’s regrets and start a new life, even now

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