"how to make maximum money with minimum customers" FAQ, part 3

In “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,” I pull back the curtain and show you with complete transparency, the exact strategies I used to make a hair north of $578,000 with a small online list of less than 5,000 names — and without any advertising.  Here are the remaining frequently asked questions we’ve been getting.  And tomorrow we’ll cover some other unusual questions — but believe me, not the way you’ve seen before…

9.    You seem to be outgoing.  Do I have to have a dynamic personality to make these strategies work?  What if I’m shy?

Of course not – you can be whoever you truly want to be.  One of the things I discuss inside the book (starting on page 68)  is, you’re going to find the secret to your success lies in being yourself.  Most people aren’t as outgoing as I am and I have newsletter subscribers, clients, and coaching and mastermind group members all over the world, with all different types of personalities, who are incredibly successful using these techniques.  And this has been consistent over the last ten years.

Your success is far more dependent on your ability to execute these strategies — which are not personality dependent — than anything else.

2.    $97 seems pricey?

Let me say a few things about this.  First of all, if you’re looking at this as paper and ink, then yes, it’s pricey… the same way a CD that costs 8 cents to make and you pay $14.99 for it… or an X-ray at the doctor’s office that costs you $250, that’s just a sheet of translucent paper.

My point is, what you’re paying for is the value of the information inside.  This also isn’t a typical book.  It’s 360 8 1/2″ x 11″ pages, and it’s actually is a perfect example of “you get what you pay for,” which has governed the success and failure of all commerce, since the dawning of time.

Plus, I’m so confident about the quality of the manual, and the Audio CDs and DVDs you’re getting with it, I am extremely comfortable giving you a LIFETIME guarantee on everything.

Frankly, when you look at everything you’re getting, it’s probably priced far too low.  If I stuck this in a binder and delivered this exact same information as part of a course or a workshop, I would have no problem collecting anywhere between one and two-thousand dollars for it, conservatively.  If you don’t think the value proposition is tipped WAY over to your side, then frankly, let me candidly tell you, there is a “glitch” in your thinking, which has absolutely nothing to do with this, or any other product, and this glitch is holding you back from making any kind of real money at all.

What do you think you should pay for someone to reveal 20 years worth of selling secrets that have proven to be effective in all kinds of industries, locations, and in any economy?

3.  What’s the biggest obstacle to implementing these strategies?

Frankly, by far, the biggest obstacle here is your own lack of belief, or your own lack of faith in yourself.  Which is exactly why I share some of my own personal stories with you.  I want you to see you don’t need to have any kind of special skills here… you don’t need to be born into money… you don’t have to even be particularly talented to get things done and make money.

You just have to have a little persistence, and… you have to believe you can do these things.  If you believe you can do these things, and you apply these strategies inside, then miracles will happen for you, the same way they’ve happened for me and for loads of other folks I’ve helped over the last ten years.

So get your hands on the book, AND all the extra early launch bonuses while they’re still around, (make sure you watch the two videos — one serious, one silly — on this page)

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. Here’s another testimonial, “In ‘How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers,’ Craig gives you a blow-by-blow detailed checklist that shows you exactly how to get hard-nosed entrepreneurs like me, to trust him enough to pull out my wallet — not once, but many times over and over again. Remember, three weeks before I cut Craig a check for $6,000, I’d never even heard of him – and that’s saying something.

If you want to know how to get guys like me — complete strangers and absolute skeptics — to give you mass quantities of money and then stick around and pay you even more money while continuing to maintain an ongoing and very solid business relationship, then you must pay very close attention to Strategy’s #7 and #8 in Craig’s book. Craig is the master when it comes to this, and he tells you everything in these two chapters.”

Jason Oswald – Boise, Idaho

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