Press Releases

Press releases are great ways of getting “free advertising”, usually W-A-A-Y beyond the exposure any one display ad or website could ever generate for you. You see, the thing is… when you’re highlighted in the press, you’re given “instant” third-party objective credibility.

It’s almost as as if some “magic” genie has suddenly come along and whisked you away in his magic carpet, sprinkling your name across the minds of thousands… and sometimes hundreds of thousands of people… in the blink of an eye. But…

You’d Better Be Prepared!

Once you capture the interest of one of the members of the press, you must be ready.  If they want to interview you, you’ll need to have a Q & A and a Bio.  Without these 2 items, you can possibly be missing the opportunity of a lifetime.

Your Bio and your Q & A actually give you more control over your interviews, and make the reporter’s job much easier (which they enjoy).   So make sure you’ve dotted your i’s and crossed your t’s before sending out your press releases.  Because once your press release hits, you’ll probably find…

Opportunity won’t just be “knocking” at
your door… it’ll be kicking your door down!

If you want to download and print out this press release, you’ll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.  If you don’t have the Adobe Acrobat Reader software, you can get it for FREE byclicking here.

Next, click here or on the actual press release below, and a new browser window will open up with the full press release in a PDF file format.