Offbeat Ads

A Real “He Man” Toothpaste

Ahh… don’t you long for the good old days, back when “whiskey breath” wasn’t something to be ashamed of — but was more a badge of honor?

Here you go, only $1 dollar a tube.

Like a spirited woman who yearns to be tamed!

And who doesn’t want to slide in and sit behind one of those!  Oofa!

Business Opportunity Ad – Grow Miniature Trees

Fabulous Money – Real fun!  A terrific new business and hobby!


Funny, the ad says, “Adults Only” – that’s pretty good positioning, actually.  Makes you think there is some “risque” or “forbidden” stuff in the course.  Order yours, today.

Tareyton Black Eye

These ads for Tareyton Cigarettes were immensely popular from the late 1960’s through the mid-1980’s.

Bi-Curious George?

I don’t think this is real, although it’s pretty funny nevertheless.

However, if you look up this title on amazon, there’s a book by this same name.  Have at it if you’re bi-curious, I guess.

Business Opportunity Ad – Tear Gas Pencil

I guess this was marketed as something to be sold to small, commercial businesses, for security purposes.  I don’t know why someone would prefer a “Tear Gas Pencil” over a gun, but maybe I’m missing something…

Cougar Rides A Pony?

Ride a white horse?  Cougar rides a white horse?  Ride a cougar?  It’s very confusing…

Either way, this looks like American Advertising in the 1970’s trying to get ethnic.

Precursor To The Marlboro Man — It’s… The Marlboro Baby

“Yes, you need never feel over-smoked.  That’s the miracle of Marlboro.”  Cough, Cough

Weight Loss Ads That Are REALLY Out Of Date

It’s true — years ago Tape Worms were actually sold (and recommended as a “cure” by doctors) to people who wanted to lose weight.