Emotional Direct-Response Marketing: How to sell what you regret

Weird way people behave sometimes, especially when it comes to opportunity.

People have a natural inclination to avoid discomfort, and to avoid loss.  And this inclination is far more inherent, than the desire to make gains.

In other words, we’re very primal in some ways.  Our instinct to protect what’s ours — like arms clasping around your kids — is far greater than to move towards progress.

So for example, you’re a lot more inclined to do whatever you have to do, to make sure you don’t pay the IRS an extra $1,000.  But the same desire — the same guttural instinct — isn’t present when it comes to making an extra thousand bucks.


Sure, of course.

This is nothing new, and if you’ve been a student of marketing for any length of time, you’re aware of this.

And of course, when you’re selling… if you’re a good sales person, you’re going to play into this guttural drive.

Which means, somewhere in your sales letter, the message you want to deliver explains, in no uncertain language… the pain and suffering your prospect’s going to experience if they ignore the fabulous opportunity you’re giving them.

(I don’t think I’ve ever used the word “fabulous” in print, by the way.)

But here’s where people go wrong — they stop too early with this strategy.

So if you’re selling upgraded front doors… you’d probably say something like…

“Look, if you ignore this now, you’re missing the chance of a lifetime to improve the value of your home, and create a great impression on your neighbors… all at a fraction of the normal price.”

This is fine, and it’s where most LM (lesser mortals 🙂 ) would stop.

But what you really want to do, is dig one more level deeper into your buyer’s psyche.

What you want to do, is make your prospects upset not only about the benefits they’re missing… but also about the “life” issues they’re missing.

So, if you’re really sneaky… you might add something like this:

“P.S.  Whether you order these doors or not, isn’t going to change your outlook on life, make your kids clean up their room, or prevent the dog from eating up all your leftovers.

But if you let this one-time deal pass you buy… one thing’s guaranteed to happen: every time you open your door… every time you walk into your home… and have to look around and deal with the same boring and dreary looking patio, day-in and day out… you’ll think about this offer and what you missed out on.  And, if you’re like most people, you’ll be kicking yourself for not taking advantage of this.

It’s not going to change your home into a palace… but your home WILL look ten years younger with virtually ZERO effort on your part.  And who doesn’t want, or deserve this?”

Again… I’m using front doors, which isn’t a very exciting product to sell, so if you can do it with this… you can do it with anything, right?

I sure as hell hope so.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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