e-mail marketing tips: A simple way to reduce risk that has nothing to do with guaranteeing ANYthing

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, then you know one of the most important things you can do to eliminate any risk associated with your purchase, is to offer very solid, very believable, completely unconditional guarantees.

After all, if someone’s unsure of you, or your ability to deliver and make good on your promises and claims… they’re going to have some reservations about forking over cash, right?

Of course.

So that’s why you always want to give guarantees.  It’s why, for example, we offer a LIFETIME guarantee on my book… a make $15,000 in one year or your money back guarantee on my offline newsletter… and why all my other marketing systems come with multiple guarantees.

However… there’s one more strategy that’s another a very important risk-reversal strategy.  Yet, few people realize this.

See, the biggest skeptics aren’t going to believe your guarantees.  They’ve either been burned too many times… or they’re swimming in unfamiliar waters… or they might simply have their own personal issues that prevent them from believing you.

These folks see this transaction — and sometimes their entire lives — as a half-empty glass instead of half-full glass.  They’re thinking, “What good’s a guarantee, once they have my money?”

And sadly, I don’t need to tell you… this is the truth, for a small percentage of vendors.  Some people will never do the right thing,  And just like with auto insurance…  honest people like you and me usually have to pay a price for this.

So how can you overcome this?

The answer is simple:  Offer payments.

See, when you offer payments, subliminally… the message you’re sending out, is… “Look, I’m so comfortable you’re going to be THRILLED with the value of what you’re about to order, I’m willing to put my money where my mouth is.  I’m willing to trust you to pay me later.  This way, if I’m bluffing AND I’m also dishonest, you don’t have to worry about my guarantee as much.  Since… you’re not putting the full purchase price at risk.”

And of course, things like 30-day free trials, like we offer on my newsletter, are also risk-reversal strategies that are extremely effective.

Bottom line is… in many cases, it’s all about the cash-flow — not just for you… but for your buyers, as well.  Keep this in mind.

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Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

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