How to write a sales letter: 3 Costly mistakes when asking for the order

Update: it’s interesting that digital sales of my book are now almost as high as actual hard copies on amazon.  I am astounded how many people read digitally.  (And hey, 41, 5-star ratings doesn’t hurt, either!)


There’s a ton of reasons why people won’t buy.  But there are a few specific mistakes I’m constantly seeing whenever people submit copy for review.

1.  Not emotionalizing the problems and solutions

Look, regardless what you’re selling, unless you’re pushing your buyers emotional buy-buttons, they’re simply not going to say “Yes.”

If you’re solutions aren’t filled with hope, optimism, and pain relief, you’re going nowhere.

No one wants “37 ways to move their photos from their digital cameras to their computers.”

They want a simple two-step system that’s fast, doesn’t get you all tangled up in a mess of cords and wires… and ensures all your memories are preserved.  (emotional buy-button: stress relief)

2.  Remember, no one else is in your conversation

When you’re writing to a buyer, it’s just you and them, that’s it.

Most people get everyone else involved.  They say things like, “We often think we can do it ourselves.”

But… who’s “we?”  You mean, YOU and the person you’re selling stuff to?

They don’t even know you, for goodness sakes!

Try this, instead:

“You know the drill.  You open up the hood… grab your tools… pull out your instruction manual and start looking for the thing… and before you know it, you realize… you’re in W-A-A-Y over your head.

A half-hour into it, and your wishing you’d never even THOUGHT about doing this yourself.


Just speak to one person — the person who’s reading your sales letter.



3.  Lastly, always focus on your buyer.  What they want and what’s important to them.

I once had a client who was selling something in the fitness business.  He kept talking about getting “abs,” because he had a thing about abs.  But when I asked him to clarify this, it turned out… that wasn’t what his buyers really liked about his services, or why they bought.

Remember, when it comes to selling, knowing your buyer is about the most important thing you can do.

At least… it’s important if you want to have more of them, anyway.

Now go sell something,  Craig Garber

P.S.  After 11 years and over 87 industries… I have NO problem giving you this unconditional protection: We can discuss your strategy… your copy… marketing challenges — it’s your call.

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