How to charge high prices: 3 Ways to charge more by showing you're offering "high quality"

if you want to sell high-priced items, then you have to show “high quality.”

and that’s because price is only a problem in the absence of value.  meaning, people don’t have a problem spending a lot of money on something, as long as they see the value in it

so here are three things you must have in place, to show value:

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1.  you have to charge high prices.

when prices are high, there’s an automatic assumption of value.

think, Mercedes, BMW, Louis Vuitton, Tiffany’s

same thing with personal services, like cardiology… or even personal products like tires, or furniture

“cheap”… just smells… dirty

2.  give a guarantee

NOTHING makes people feel better about you, and about their involvement with you, more than when you back up what you’re offering – and therefore minimize their risk – with a guarantee

you can’t guarantee everything, but there are a whole SLEW of things you CAN guarantee, that make your entire offer MUCH more compelling (see pages 279 – 323 in my book for all of them)

3.  when possible, increase the level of intimacy of your sale

the more intimate you are with your buyer, the more they trust you, and the easier your sale is

so a generic sales letter isn’t as good as a very warm and personal sales letter… and an in-person presentation, beats almost anything

of course, this assumes you’re a trustworthy and sincere person.

if you’re a weasel, or if you give off bad vibes, or if you have a bad reputation… you can be as intimate as you want, and things just won’t go your way as often as you’d like

or in the long run, maybe… ever

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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