3 Ways to roll out a new product (or re-launch an old one):

Here’s a really simple way you can successfully roll out a new product or re-launch an old one.

As David Ogilvy once said, “The heart of an advertisement is a great big promise.”

And for most of us, that promise is ultimately delivered in the offer you make. So today we’re going to talk about a simple way to think about your offer, that allows you to optimize it.

Any time you want to sell a new product, constructing your offer is probably the first, and most important thing you want to think about.

The good news is, there are only 3 things you need to consider when you’re constructing your offer.

1. Your Value Proposition

What is it you’re really selling?

In other words, what is the value of your offer? Why does it exist and why should your buyers want it?

Getting right to the heart of the matter, what does it DO for your buyers?

And, how does it do it better, differently, or more efficiently than other options out there?

A lot of people will also consider creating a “perceived pricing discount,” when you’re building your value proposition.

And all this means, is you want to make sure your value proposition justifies the actual price of whatever goods and services you’re selling.

2. Bonuses

I don’t care what you’re selling… any time you can offer an incentive-based bonus for your buyers to take action now… you’ll sell more of it.

I remember when I was very young, even banks — local old-school savings banks — would offer really corny things like toasters, to get you to open up a small savings accounts.

Why did they do this?

The answer is simple: they wanted your business!

There isn’t a demographic in the world, who isn’t attracted to some kind of a bonus.

And here’s the good news – often… instead of thinking about the extra work or the extra cost a bonus is going to create… it’s just as easy to “break down” what you’re selling into components, and just pull one of those components out and offer it as your bonus… instead of a standard offering that’s otherwise buried.

This is particularly easy to do when you’re selling information products, as well as services.

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3. Scarcity

Lastly, if you can create some kind of believable scarcity, it’s definitely going to give your offer some extra “juice.”

This is a little difficult for some people, but don’t overthink it.

The simpler you make your scarcity, the easier and more believable — or maybe a better way of saying this is — the simpler it is… the less “un-believable” it is, and the less your scarcity will be challenged.

As an example… something as simple as “First hundred people get this extra thing” is fine.

If you just focus on these 3 things alone… most of your heavy lifting will be done for you.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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