Weirdest thing that’s ever happened to me, by far: Fly To The Rainbow?

Before I get to my “weird” story, I wanted to share a couple of other things with you…

1. Apparently, an interview I did on generating leads through building sales systems has either just been posted or maybe even reposted.

If you’d like to listen to it, check it out right here

2. Funny article I read last week about 5 massive marketing fails by big dumb corporations

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3. Lastly, here’s the weirdest shit that’s ever happened to me…

The other evening, I was sitting at my desk going through an old pile of papers I stumbled across from when I was a kid.

I’m talking really old – August 1983. (32 years ago)

The papers are filled mostly with quotes and song lyrics I was listening to back then. Stuff I wrote down that had meaning to me at that particular time.

I look down at this one lyric and a get a warm fuzzy feeling coming up the back of my neck and over the top of my head – kind of like “electricity.” But I’m not really sure why I feel this buzz coming over me.

The lyric was from a song on a 1974 album by the Scorpions, called Fly To The Rainbow.

I look up at the screen of my iMac, and… I suddenly realize why I have the chills.

At that exact same moment, I was listening to the exact same album.

What are the odds of something like this happening?

I mean, how random is this?…

Anyway, if you have some weird stories like this, which you’ve experienced… feel free to share them below

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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Fly To The Rainbow – Scorpions (1974)