Selling Strategies: How to show your buyers an advantage…

Today, Part 2 in this series:

I was very fortunate, early in my career, to read a book that’s often overlooked with respect to selling in print, or writing copy.

It’s called “How To Write A Good Advertisement,” by Victor O. Schwab.

Schwab was mentored by the great Maxwell Sackheim, and ultimately… he wound up taking over Sackheim’s agency when Max was ready to retire. It became the Schwab and Beatty ad agency, during the 1950s.

The agency was responsible for creating comic book styled ads for Dale Carnegie’s “How To Win Friends & Influence People,” and also for Charles Atlas’ “Dynamic Tension System.”

Schwab opens up his book with the following:

There are five fundamentals in the writing of a good advertisement:

1. Get Attention (which we covered in the last tip)

2. Show People an Advantage

3. Prove It

4. Persuade People to Grasp This Advantage

5. Ask for Action

Today we’ll talk about showing your buyers an advantage.

First off, you have to understand WHY you want to show your buyers an advantage. It’s a simple reason, yet most people sort of gloss over it.

You see, if there’s no apparent advantage to buying from you… then you simply aren’t offering a compelling reason to buy, at all. And this means, buyers can go elsewhere for the same goods and services.

Sure, if you’re selling a unique piece of art… it’s easy to have an advantage. In this case, the fact that there’s only one or two, or whatever number, is the advantage.

But most people don’t have this luxury.

Most people are selling a commodity or some kind of service, you can buy in any number of places.

For these folks, having an advantage isn’t just important… it’s critical.

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Yet, you’d be shocked how many people don’t know their own advantage.

In fact, every time I talk to a sales person, the last thing I ask them, is why should I work with them, and not with someone else.

And literally NO ONE has ever been able to answer that question properly.

Which seems statistically impossible… but it’s not, in this case.

99% of the time, the response is some version of, “I really care about you so very much…” blah blah blah blah blah

That’s nice, but that’s not really an advantage, because it’s nothing that’s measurable, quantifiable, tangible, or value-oriented.

Which makes it basically as useless as old tires.

Sure, AFTER you’re working with someone, and they treat you right… THEN this becomes something worthwhile. But not before.

So how can you show your buyers an advantage?

There are, quite literally dozens and dozens of ways… but let me share my 3 favorite ones with you.

1. Guarantees

I haven’t seen anything that beats a powerful guarantee, for getting people to give you the opportunity you’re looking for.


Because once you remove risk, this significantly lowers any feelings of vulnerability. In fact, it makes people feel safe – and when they feel safe, they’re FAR more open to trusting you, and to doing business with you.

2. Education

Educating people — especially in today’s day and age — has never been more important.

Helping your buyers, is like a breath of fresh air. You wind up looking like the messiah, in the sea of sharks trying to rip them open and eat them alive… that is your competition.

Since virtually everyone of your competitors are almost 100% focused on themselves, simply by focusing on THEM… makes you look like a hero.

This is where two-step lead genration really comes in handy and makes you a bundle.

3. Lastly… social proof

Meaning, testimonials, case studies, and so on.

But not some BS testimonials raving about you like a lunatic, filled with exlamation points!!

Genuine, sincere testimonials from all sorts of people. And, step-by-step case studies explaining obstacles and details, filled with story-telling descriptions.

These “breathe life” into your goods and services. And THIS is what people can relate to — Life.

Have a great Holiday weekend. I hope you get some rest.

Put any thoughts or comments you might have, here on my blog.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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