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LinkedIn Marketing Fails:

Here are a few funny things I saw recently, on LinkedIn:

1. Does it count when you call yourself a visionary?

I’m always impressed when someone refers to another person as a “visionary.” To me, that’s interesting.

When you find a true “visionary”… someone who can actually conceptualize and anticipate things that are going to happen in the future… that’s admirable.

But the other day, I’m looking on LinkedIn, and I see someone listing themself as a:

“Founder and Visionary of…”

And, I don’t know… that just sort of leaves me thinking, “Wow, is anyone going to actually be impressed with that?”

My guess is, the people who will be mesmerized by this will be about as stable as a reality show marriage, but who am I to judge, right?

I mean, I may have a few good ideas here and there, but I can’t even tell you which body part I’m going to be working out in the gym, tomorrow morning. So no one’s going to be calling me a visionary, any time soon — especially me.

What are your thoughts on this?

2. Sought-after speaker

Another listing I saw, this guy was calling himself a “sought after speaker.”

Now you do realize, the minute someone sees something like this – especially as your immediate introduction – their gut reaction is, “Bullshit.”

You always want to lead with SOLUTIONS and CLOSE with what you can do for your clients. Bad marketing does the opposite – it leads with “how wonderful you are” and closes with “so this is why you need me.”

That’s why, when you see things like ‘sought after speaker,” it’s about as appealing as old cheese.

3. Passionate Entrepreneur

That’s what a few people list their position as.

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Maybe I’m old school, but to me, that’s no different from saying you’re “in between jobs.”

What does that mean, anyway?

How can you seriously market yourself as a Passionate Entrepreneur.

That’s like finding a strange little orange things with brown spikes on it, sitting there in the produce aisle… and the label above it says “Food”

What is that supposed to mean?

Do you eat it? With the skin or without the skin?

Can you bake it in your pies?

Seriously. The world has gotten so complicated and so passive-aggressive, it frustrates me.

Why cant’t this person just say what they hell they do for a living?

(And by the way, I didn’t bother looking but you KNOW it has to be some kind of life-coaching, right?)

Why do we have to put up with stuff like this?

Why is everyone so concerned with showing off?

Why can’t you just be yourself?

These are the kinds of questions that keep me up at night. Mysteries of the world which will remain forever unsolved, I’m sure.

Have a great weekend.

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Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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