Fastest way to turn a prospect "on:" Positioning yourself at the top

I recently had to create a membership program for another business I have, and we’re getting ready to launch it shortly.

And of course, like everything else you do in business, one of the most critical things you want to do is create top-shelf positioning.

First of all, when you position yourself right, you never have to worry about whether or not your members are going to listen to, and respect you. This gives you control over your membership, and therefore over your business.

Second, when you’re positioned right, you also get to charge top-dollar for whatever it is you’re offering.

And lastly, when you’re the big cheese, you make the people working with you feel special. They feel lucky and excited about their relationship with you because you’re NOT just anyone. You’re the top dog — they know it, and you know it.

You see, when you do this, everyone comes out a winner, not just you. And by anyone’s standards, that equates to a great business… and great business relationships, no?

Which is what healthy and profitable businesses are all about, right?

Of course.

So how do you create this positioning?

How do you get to be the top dog, right off the bat?

Well, most people feel they need to work up to this point, but frankly, that’s far from the truth. That’s just a knee-jerk reaction that someone has who might not be as confident or experienced as they’d like to be.

Just think about it – when you meet with a new doctor or a new lawyer, for example — for the most part, don’t they have top positioning already?

Of course they do — and they haven’t worked with you yet, right?

So what makes you think you need to be any different?

You should be creating this positioning in your marketing material so that by the time initial contact comes around, you and your prospects both know who the wizard is, and relationship boundaries have already been established.

Make sense?

O.K. then, here’s what I want to do. Tomorrow I’m going to let you know one of the fastest and surest ways of creating this positioning, but between now and then, let me know your toughest problems with respect to creating top-shelf positioning, by leaving your comments here on my blog.

Speak to you tomorrow.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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