Copywriting Tips: 5 Steps To Create A Marketing Campaign (and a RARE David Ogilvy video to watch)

(Make sure you read through this because at the end, I’m going to point you to a rare, old marketing video that’s absolutely brilliant.)

Here’s a really smart formula you can use to create virtually any marketing campaign.

If you follow it, and do the basics here… it’ll help you gather up all the information you need, to sell anything you want to sell.

Here are the steps:

1. Study your product

You can’t sell anything, unless you understand and know exactly what it is you’re actually selling.

You’d be surprised how much less effective an ad is, when the writer doesn’t take the time to share all the reasons why the product or service is so wonderful.

2. Look into precedents

What other ads selling the same, or similar goods and services, have been effective?

Look into what made them effective, and then make sure you put your own spin on these things, in your ad.

Maybe it was a color photograph? Maybe it was a headline?

Either way, unless you dig into precedents — ads that preceded yours… you’ll never know.

3. Research

When it comes to selling, the devil really is in the details. I can’t tell you how much your research will ultimately impact the effectiveness of your ad.

What are you looking for information on?

Oh… basically everything.

Reasons your customers buy… reasons they won’t buy… how they use the product… the biggest benefits your product or service delivers… how your competition’s products differ… what conventional wisdom says about your product or your industry… what housewives say about your industry… the list is almost endless.

You basically want to find out as much about your product and your buyers, so that no (relevant) stone is left unturned.

This, in turn, becomes the fodder you wind up using, to write your sales copy.

4. Positioning

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You have to know what kind of marketplace positioning you want your product or service, to have.

Do you want to be exclusive? High-end? Easy to access? Limited in access? First to market? The only one that doesn’t have ___ (you fill in the blank)?

It’s important you understand what your positioning is in the marketplace, and what makes you unique, amongst everyone else.

No positioning usually equals less than stellar sales.

5. Target Audience

Lastly, who is your target audience and what do you know about them?

You can’t sell something to someone, unless you know who your buyers are. Without a target marketplace, who are you going to talk to? Who’s going to want to know about what you’re selling?

Now I wish I could tell you I came up with these 5 items, but I didn’t. A man who was far wiser than I’ll ever be, developed it.

It’s actually something created by David Ogilvy, one of the fathers of direct marketing. And if you want to see a rare treat, head on over to my blog, or click the photo below, to see a little-known short movie Ogilvy made, called “The View from Touffou.”

Touffou was the name of Ogilvy’s castle in France, which is where most of this video was shot.

It’s an interesting place, actually, and if you want more information on the castle itself, you can go here.

In the meantime, I really hope you’ll watch this video because not only is Ogilvy charming and entertaining and brilliant… but there’s so much you will learn, in just a short while. Check it out, right here:

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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