Copywriting Tips: 2 Ways to bond with your customers and clients: Which one of them works best for you?

I haven’t forgotten about you — just incredibly busy here.

But let’s see what we can come up with today, before we sail into the weekend.

There are two ways you can bond with your buyers: by Category, or by Likeness.

Here’s the difference.

When you bond with someone based on Category, you’re looking at surface things — things that are typically “counted” in the census, for example.

Things like where people live… whether they are women or men… how man children people have or if they have a desk job or do they work for civil service… and how old they are.

So if you’re trying to bond by category, you might say things like this:

“If you are a woman between the ages of 35 and 45… and you are experiencing pre-menopause… then you MUST listen to this:”

Or this:

“Florida Residents Now Eligible For HUGE Savings On Auto Insurance”

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But if you want to bond by Likeness… you have to dig a little deeper. You need to know how people feel about certain circumstances in their lives… the things that bother them or the problems they want solved… or what makes them happy and sad.

For instance:

“Are you buried underneath a mountain of credit card debt and feeling overwhelmed about it?”

Or this:

“Is your 15 year old child about to start driving soon? And does this scare you to death?”

See how using Likeness is far more emotional, right?

Sure, of couse.

And as you can also see… bonding using either one of these strategies, is pretty effective. Depending on who you’re trying to reach, and what you’re trying to get them to do.

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What’s important is that you make the “bond,” or the connection… “somehow.”

Where possible though… try and bond by Likeness, as opposed to Category.

And here’s why: there are typically far more emotions and personal experiences attached to things people like, and have an affinity for… as opposed to “categories” they fall into.

For example, you probably have much more of an emotional reaction over parenting your children… than you do over whether or not you’re 35 or 45… or whether you live in this town or that town.

In fact, you’re probably more emotionally attached to the type of computer or smart phone you use (or don’t use), than to either of these things, as well.

And you’re always better off tapping into your buyer’s emotions, than their logical ones.

They’ll trust you more and your appeals will be much stronger.

Make sense?


Now wish me a Happy 50th Birthday (today), and then go and have yourself a good weekend.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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