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Advertising tip: 3 Ways To Generate New Leads:

Hey, before we get started today, check out this unusual new commercial I saw the other day — it’s very clever:

That was pretty cool, wasn’t it?

You bet. And so is the strategy we’re about to discuss, because if you use it correctly, it’ll make you a tidy little bundle of cash.

So let’s have at it:

One of the biggest challenges we all deal with when it comes to writing ads, it getting the right eyeballs on them.

You shouldn’t care about “clicks” and you shouldn’t care about people “liking” or sharing your ads… the only thing you should focus on is, “Are the right people seeing my ads.”

Because when the right people are seeing your ads, your client acquisition costs are lower… and the ROI on your marketing dollars is higher.

And the amount of time you have to waste dealing with people who really aren’t high-probably buyers — and therefore the amount of stress and anxiety you have in your life — is also infinitely lower.

In other words, you should’t care if your facebook post gets 10,000 shares and this does nothing for your lead generation efforts or your bottom line.

With that in mind, let’s talk about 3 ways to “call out” and attract your best buyers, up front:

1. Use a “flag”

A flag is something you put into your initial headline, so only the prospects you want, respond to your ads. Like this:

“Attention Baby Boomers Concerned About Retirement: What Wall Street Doesn’t Want You To Know”

Something like this is going to attract people over age 50 who have probably invested in the stock market, and who are concerned about saving for retirement.

“Hate going to the dentist but need to get some work done on your teeth?”

In this situation, you’re attracting very qualified candidates — especially if someone already knows they need dental work.

2. Offer your buyers information they REALLY need — the kind that positions you as a well-respected problem-solving authority who actually cares about his clients

This is usually done as two-step lead generation, but it doesn’t always have to be.

For instance. Let’s say you’re an accountant and you’re trying to pick up business accounts, and you decide you want to prospect for new businesses.

Now most accountants are myopic. It’s hard for them to think out of the box.

And for some strange reason, they actually believe the average new business owner understands and wants monthly financial statements and any other services accountants provide.

But you and I know this is simply not true.

New business owners just want one thing: to make sure they can stay alive long enough, and generate enough cash-flow so that they can become “old” business owners. Right?

You bet.

But what they can really use is… a Special Report, or an online workshop on “The 7 Most Biggest And Most Costly Mistakes New Business-Owners Make When Starting A Business”… or even better, “7 Biggest Reasons Why 99.9% Of New Businesses Fail, And How To Avoid Them”

Inside a report like this you can talk about things like Competing based on price… failing to file quarterly or payroll taxes… and not taking advantage of little-known tax rules, and overpaying taxes as a result.

You know — things these people actually care about.

And at the end, you can offer a Special New Customer Protection Audit. And if you do a good job with this… you’d get a HUGE percentage of these people signing up to be clients of yours.

But it all started with knowing what’s important to your BUYERS. Not what you THINK “should be” important to your buyers.

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3. Qualify your buyer further, in your sales letter or lead generation piece

Lastly, if, for whatever reason “flagging” your buyers up front is going to be too restrictive… you can also do a quick summary of “Who this is for” (or “Who this is NOT for”) in your sales piece

Something like this will suffice:

These procedures have shown to be most effective if you are:

* A man between 35 and 55 years old…

* You haven’t been diagnosed with arthritis, but you have enough aches and pains that you’re concerned you might be, in the future…

* And, you participate in some kind of sports or fitness training, at least 2-3 times a week

Using a qualifier like this is very effective at narrowing down who will (and… maybe even more important — who won’t!) respond to your offers.

Make sense?

OK, good. Because that’s it for today.

Hope this helped you out.

Post any thoughts on this, to the kingofcopy.com blog, and now…

Go sell something, Craig Garber

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