This is actually quite funny

So the other day I’m sitting down at my wife’s computer looking at a yahoo page she has open.

I like doing this every once in a while, to catch up on some pop culture gossip. I don’t really read the news or watch it on television, so occasionally I find something interesting on there.

I was looking through the business section and I saw the following two banners. One, right on top of the other, just like I’m showing you here:

Economic news

Now remember, these weren’t ads, they were both late-breaking news stories.

The first article talked about how a panel of business economists (the same ones who advise large banks, lol) are seeing the GDP (Gross Domestic Product) increase, along with steadily increasing employment.

And the second article, which has suddenly disappeared from the internet, talked about how the economic shit is really going to hit the fan next year. How we’re all going to pay for the sins of our economic past, once again.

What I want you to take away from this is more of a lesson in common sense than anything else.

The truth is, the percentage of competent economists is no greater than the percentage of good doctors… or the percentage of competent marketing consultants or plumbers or customer service reps who work for the telephone company.

In any profession, you’ve got a few top performers, a whole slew of mediocre performers… and another giant dollop of thoroughly incompetent bumbling idiots.

The problem is, you typically can’t realize which one of these you’re dealing with, until you’re in a crisis mode, or until you present them with a difficult problem.

That’s when someone’s true competency comes out. Not when they’re solving baby problems or when they’re giving out advice or sharing their opinions.

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I remember what an old client of mine once told me. He was a cardiologist and he said, “Craig, you know what they call the guy who finished last in med school?”

“They call him ‘Doctor.’”

The point is, MOST people who offer advice, probably don’t have the knowledge base to be giving out that advice.

It’s up to you to educate yourself – especially when it comes to things like finances, business, relationships, and especially your health.

Don’t believe everything you read until you’ve done enough research to genuinely appreciate the position any particular advisor is coming from.

Remember, the purpose of most articles on places like yahoo, is to sell advertising. Nothing more and nothing less.

If you think they are trying to enhance your life, you’re living in la-la land.

Just don’t forget – your own opinion about your own life, is really the most important opinion out there.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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