How To Increase Sales Without Spending One Thin Dime

How to increase sales without spending one thin dime on advertising:

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O.K., so here’s a simple strategy to use, that will increase your sales.

It comes straight out of my book, from Chapter 12, and it has to do with something called split-level selling.

You see, most people are leaving a ton of cash on the table, because they’re not taking into consideration… the different wants of their buyers.

For instance, some people go out to dinner and order a small portions… or they get “one scoop” of ice cream for dessert.

But there are tons of other people who order the large coke, large fries, large salad… and who also get two or three scoops of ice cream for dessert, instead.

So if you’re not offering the equivalent of a “small” and “large” serving size portions of whatever goods and services you’re selling… you’re leaving a LOT of money on the table — all because you didn’t ask for it, or offer it.

And while most people might be thinking, “Sure this might work in the info-products business, but I’m not in that business, so it’s not that easy…”

Most people would be incorrect.

For example, let’s look at two non-info, non-publishing businesses… and talk about how you can do this.

1. Consulting:

This one’s easy because most consultants have a bevy of services they are providing to their clients.

I don’t care whether you’re a marketing consultant… an engineer or an architect… or even an interior decorator.

All you need to do in this particular situation, is break down all those services into two separate buckets.

One bucket contains “everything.” You can call that the “Full XYZ Package.” Like, the Full Engineering Package… or the Full Home Decorating Package.

And the other bucket only has “half” or “some” of the services you’re providing.

You call this the “Basic” package. Like the Basic Sales Package, or the Basic Home Decorating Package.

Now there are a few things at work here, that are in your favor. Some of which you may not even realize.

For starters, you’re now able to charge a higher price — probably for something you were offering at a lower price, before you decided to get smart and carve up some split-level packages.

Second… no one really wants the “Basic” of anything. So what you’re going to find is, upwards of close to 100% of your buyers (in some cases) will wind up taking your “Full” package.

Cool, isn’t it?

You bet it is.

OK, so now let’s look at one more business.

How about… retail sales.

This one is so easy, it’s not even funny.

Let’s talk about fountain pens, for instance.

Right now, if you own a business like this, you’re probably selling things separately.

Like you’ll sell the fountain pens… the ink… assorted nibs… paper… and so on, and so forth.

Well, how about if you decided to combine these individual goods into packages, or bundles of goods, instead?

So instead of just buying a fountain pen… you could now buy a pen, a bottle of ink… and a couple of pads of paper, all together at some discounted price.

“The Writers Bundle”… or “The Collector’s Bundle.”

Sure, you’d have to give some kind of a discount on this combo — otherwise there’d be less incentive to take it. BUT…

So many MORE people will buy these kinds of combos (you’re probably going to have to test and tweak, to find just the right combination of products)… your overall sales (and your overall profits), will go up, dramatically.

Try doing some of these things. You’ll see – it’s not that hard to make a few extra bucks… just by changing up your offers.

And don’t forget to send me in your questions for the Q & A videos.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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