Curious case study: $200K in profits, now yours

Last week I mentioned the interesting stuff one of the members of my Mastermind group is doing.

DC Fawcett basically reinvented his business and figured out how to leverage current technology everyone is already using, to make an absolute killing and create and entirely new (and I genuinely mean NEW) way of doing real estate.

He recently just posted a video detailing a step-by-step proven case study about how one of his students made over $200K shorting a 3,500 square foot luxury home in a waterfront community.

See, just like it takes basically the same amount of effort to sell something for $997 as it does to sell something for $1,997… DC discovered it takes the same amount of effort to short a luxury home as it does to short a home in the hood.

So he figured, why not create a system that’s specifically customized to sell an infinite number of luxury homes? And that’s exactly what he did.

Anyway, check out the video of this new case study DC just posted.

Interesting case: the short-seller got the house from a lead in the MLS listings, and used no money and no credit to obtain it. He never saw the house and he never even had to attend the closing.

Apparently, and I don’t know how he did this, he even got a company to fill the house with furniture for no money as well.

DC also goes over a number of other deals his students are doing. All of them have very similar components:

* All have netted a profit over $100K

* 100% of the deals were completed by JV partners and outside negotiators, so the short-seller didn’t have to do anything other than FIND the deal (and they find it through a JV partner as well)

Watch his video. Because after you see the process in action, you’ll be able to copy EXACTLY what he’s doing, so you too, can make a minimum of $100K per deal in this market, using no cash or credit while your JV Partners and your negotiator do 100% of the work for you.

The video is right here:

Please appreciate a few things here.

First, I am NOT part of the syndicate of real estate promoters that promotes one real estate guy after another. In fact, if you’ve been with me for any length of time, then you already know I rarely promote anyone.

Second, DC is a member of my mastermind group, and frankly, besides getting business and marketing advice from me, I’ve had an opportunity to get to know him and to watch him grow. You learn a lot about someone by watching how they react when they’re faced with adversity, and DC did a great job when faced with serious adversity, around 6 months ago.

And lastly, this happens to be a very solid, very genuine opportunity that maximizes the amount of cash you can extract from the current real estate marketplace. I’ve seen the canceled checks and I’ve worked closely with DC and had the opportunity to peek behind the scenes of his operation.

In fact, one of the biggest issues he had was that his system was generating too MUCH business and so he had to scale back to the point where he was only working on the LARGEST cash-flow situations, and showing his students how to do the same thing.

Again, you can check out the latest case studies at

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

P.S. I personally have NO interest in working in real estate, however… if I did, this would be THE system I used, bar none. So watch this for yourself at


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