Copywriting tip – Why your best asset isn’t your copy:

Writing bad, or muddles sales copy, is rarely the only marketing problem you’re going to have.

Good sales copy alone, won’t typically be the only thing that saves you. More often than not, equal (or more) blame falls on your entire marketing process (or lack of one). Hand and hand with this, is the way you’ve positioned yourself in the marketplace, or your lack of a tangible differential, that also needs to be changed.

But by far, an even bigger downfall, is a failure to contact the RIGHT buyers for whatever it is you’re selling. In other words, missing your market.

If you’re speaking to people who aren’t receptive to what you’re saying, even the greatest sales copy and the most clever sales funnel in the world, won’t save you. On the other hand, even mediocre sales copy will work if you’re pitching to buyers who are enthusiastic and hungry for what it is you have to offer.

Let me give you an example of something. A while ago, I received an offer to contribute articles for free, on a sports-related site. Now at first blush, a lot of people might think, “Oh wow! Free advertising, that’s great! Let me sign up.”

But I passed on the opportunity.

And here’s why: The site is filled with sports enthusiasts. There are articles and information and discussions about things like soccer, woman’s basketball, the NBA and NFL drafts… and the general state of money in sports,nowadays.

But one thing you’ll never see – anywhere – are discussions on business, entrepreneurship, marketing, or selling.

So if I took the time to put together a few articles – or even to regurgitate one of the thousands of articles I have her eon my blog… what would I get out of it?

Sure, serendipity might be on my side, and the one or two random readers who have an interest in this stuff, might check me out.

But what will 2 clicks do for me? Or for anyone, for that matter – no matter how well written those articles might be.

Pretty much, nothing.

Because what’s most important is the source of your leads. The source of your leads will always determine the quality of them.

Or the lack of quality in them. As it would have been, in this case.

So think about this the next time you’re about to do some marketing. Because in the end, it really is your “market” that’s MOST important, first and foremost.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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