Where has the time g-g-g-gone?

This is basically my first (or maybe my second) email of the year.

Lots of things are going on with me, and some of them will be bring changes to my business.

I have a number of really cool client projects I’m working on right now, and that isn’t going to let up any time soon.

Some of these are consulting projects… others are copywriting projects… and some are a combination of both.

(Go here for more info on consulting with me.)

I am also working on a real estate business that’s doing very well. And in my spare time, I’ve picked up my guitar once again, which makes me about as happy as any human being could ever be.

All of this is going to impact my business in a few nice ways.

First, email tips will be coming much less frequently than in the past – hopefully once a week – I should be able to manage that.

I recently wrote a lead generation direct mail piece that got a 32.85% response within the first 8 days. If you want strategy that gets results like this, go here

Second, as of today, I won’t be releasing any more information products. Outside of my offline newsletter (try it for free here), which I’ve been publishing almost 10 years now… my work related to kingofcopy will be consulting or copywriting related, or a combination of the two.

And along these lines I have a few different programs typically available.

    Specific Programs on:

Setting up systematic lead generation and effective sales funnels for your business…

Establishing a Unique Selling Proposition for your business…

And creating marketplace positioning that actually does something to enhance the amount of money you can charge and the respect you can command…

I also wind up doing a lot of ‘project work,” helping clients navigate through a variety of marketing and sales messes they are unsure how to deal with most efficiently and effectively.

Again, for more information on any of these consulting programs, go here

And lastly, moving forward, in my email correspondence with you, I’ll be venturing out into other things besides direct marketing, lead generation, copywriting, and selling.

I have almost 1900 posts on my blog, and roughly 70% of them already contain this information. That’s over 1,300 posts related to those particular topics.

And to be honest, even the thought of writing 1300 more posts like this is exhausting.

So I’m going to be talking about other things I find interesting instead of ONLY marketing-related information. Many of these things you will also find interesting.

Of course, if you came here to learn about writing and how to write and communicate in print… you’ll obviously still be able to do this. Just watch how I write and communicate – only we’ll be talking about different things from now on – not just marketing.

To tell you the truth, I think this makes for a better relationship, overall, anyway.

The first of these posts will start next week – I just wanted to take a moment to catch up with you and give you an update of what’s going on here.

If there’s something you are particularly interested in hearing about, let me know and I’ll look into it and be open to talking about it in a post.

Enjoy the rest of your week.

Now go sell something, Craig Garber

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