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Craig Garber  
Craig Garber
  • 12 Special Reports (Which I’ll tell you more about, in just a minute)

  • A Current Issue of The Seductive Selling Newsletter - The number one offline Lead Generation, Direct-Response Marketing, Copywriting, and Sales Conversion Strategies Newsletter, read in 15 countries world-wide, and published monthly, since April 2006.

  • Free participation on the next upcoming monthly Maximum Money Club Group Coaching Call! Speak with me, one-on-one, and I’ll eliminate your toughest marketing, lead generation, or copywriting problems on this call.

  • An Audio CD Recording of last month’s Maximum Money Club Call

  • A step-by-step video critique of an upsell letter I wrote, that consistently converts 10% of all buyers of a $47 product, into a $997 Dollar full system upsell. You'll also get a copy of the actual letter, and I'll reveal WHY it worked so well... and how to replicate this formula in your business

  • A Free  Now 2 Free Sales Copy and Ad Marketing Critiques

  • How To Outfox The Foxes: a 53-minute audio interview and 16-page interview transcript

  • Seductive Copywriting Secrets That Sell: 65-minute audio interview and 29-page interview transcript

  • How To “Smell” Opportunity: 61-minute audio interview and 23-page interview transcript. And...

  • A Certificate good for 50% off ANY Product!
How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers  
Dear Friend,

Today, I’m going to make you the most irresistible offer you’ve ever received.

In fact, if you own or operate a for-profit business and you take advantage of this offer, it is impossible NOT to increase your cash-flow, dramatically. And I’m actually going to GUARANTEE this, with my own money.

What’s this all about?

Here’s the deal: I’m going to give you my 30-Day Cash-Flow Surge Program, which includes all 26 items I just mentioned... just for trying my new Maximum Money Club. You’ll be given immediate access to all these items, for Free.

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Look, if you're an entrepreneur running a business in today's day and age, then , you need to make LOTS of money, fast. In fact, in this marketplace, you can't afford to waste even one minute!

And the ONLY way to do this consistently, is by getting your hands on fresh, new, proven marketing strategies that let you attract and communicate with more qualified prospects... and persuade them in more compelling and more convincing manner -- without being pushy or needy.

Now in case you don’t know me, or if you want more information about this limited offer... let me share some details with you. I’m the author of the best-selling book, “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers.”

How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers

I’ve been in sales since 1989, and I’ve been in the trenches of direct-response marketing, since March of 2000. In my book, and every single month in the Maximum Money Club, I reveal the exact strategies I’ve used, to grow my businesses and help more than 300 clients in over 87 different industries around the world, sell millions of dollars worth of goods and services. In fact, here’s just a few of the things my clients are routinely accomplishing, day-in and day-out:

  • A lead generation strategy I implemented for one of my clients -- a financial services professional in St. Louis -- increased his lead-flow by 51%. And because these new leads were also more qualified, his net profits went up, by 60%.

  • A well-known entrepreneur in Switzerland -- Christian Godefroy, who is already quite successful... used two strategies I recommended to him, which came straight out of my book, (Strategies #4 and #6), and pulled in $304,044.82 in 7 days alone -- almost all at 90% profit. Of course, he had a massive list, already. If you’re just starting, something like this isn’t very likely to happen. At the same time, as you know -- it's also a LOT harder to have a big impact on a larger list, than on a smaller list - so you really want to pay close attention to the advice I give you.

  • Then there’s the real estate trainer from Apollo Beach, Florida, who worked with me and completed his best year ever... grossing over 7 figures in one month alone, during an extremely successful online “launch.” I was instrumental in designing the overall strategy for his launch, and I also suggested a few ways of creating multiple streams of ongoing income. The result? First month’s ongoing continuity income was over $470,000 gross. (Again, he was an experienced entrepreneur with a larger list.)

  • And Mitch Dominguez, a newbie out of New York City, said, "Craig, sometime ago I decided to take your council and make a truly outrageous offer to certain folks on a very teeny tiny mailing list. $21,850 Dollars later and I owe at least 80% of this to you. You have increased my business and opened up more 'sales funnels' than I can accommodate. I bow to the MASTER!!! I've only been working with the general public for about 10 months, but that's another tale."

The bottom line is this -- Maximum Money Club Members get results. And now you can, too... without any further obligation -- simply start digging into my 30-Day Cash-Flow Surge Program, which is literally just a click away, and you'll see for yourself.

Now let’s talk about this unusual Limited Time offer, and what's inside my 30-Day Cash-Flow Surge Program. For starters, you'll get the following 12 Special Reports (valued at $47 each), including:

Special Report #1:

BILLION Dollar Marketing Secrets
(Yes, that’s “Billion” with a “B!”)

In this Special Report, we’ll go through 3 different marketing strategies and campaigns created by a man responsible for over one BILLION dollars worth of sales!

Think you can learn a thing or two from him?

Boy oh boy, you bet'cha!

In fact, I’ll show you the secret behind a marketing campaign he created, that ran for over 40 years straight! You’ll discover how to apply this secret strategy to virtually ANY business, as well as:

  • How to get your prospects “involved” with (and therefore emotionally vested in) your sales messages. And involvement devices create instant rapport, so make SURE you get your hands on this Special Report, immediately.

  • A simple formula to create a Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and how to use it to completely DOMINATE your marketplace -- even if your business is brand new and you don’t have very many clients!

  • The number one reason why most lead generation marketing fails, and how to make sure you’re not committing this same mistake! (on pages 5 & 6)

  • A simple call to action that ensures only highly-qualified leads respond to you! (on page 6). And...

  • How to create proprietary marketing systems that make you “bullet-proof!”

The information in this Special Report is priceless.

But you can get your hands on it, absolutely Free.

How? Simply by taking a 30-day no-risk free trial membership in the new Maximum Money Club.

Every month, Maximum Money Club members get inside secrets and direct-marketing shortcuts, that create explosive business growth.

You get the real scoop on exactly what’s working -- and maybe even more important -- what’s NOT working... in marketing, selling and in business. Fresh new ideas that allow you to bypass expensive and costly mistakes you’re otherwise going to make, whether you like it or not. You’ll get marketing, copywriting, and lead generation strategies that make selling MUCH easier... and you’ll also find out how to identify and avoid a LOT of bad advice that’s out there -- especially online.

Most important, every month, I’ll give you actionable steps you can take, that give you steady and predictable lead flow, and reliable and immediate cash-flow. In fact, the Maximum Money Club gives you...

Critical Information You Can’t Find... ANYWHERE Else!

It’s true! Much of the information in the Maximum Money Club really isn’t available anywhere else. For example, there are a few very powerful selling secrets that not one in a thousand business owners are aware of, and yet... I’m going to give them to you in...

Special Report #2:

How To Sell To Men Of GREAT Wealth And Power!

The truth is, most people make a TON of mistakes when it comes to advertising. ESPECIALLY when you’re trying to sell high-priced goods and services to affluent buyers.

If you’re not SPOT on with your marketing strategy and your marketing messages in this situation, it costs you, big-time! But in this Special Report, you’ll discover how to avoid making these mistakes, PLUS:

  • The number one mistake people make when selling big-ticket items, that causes a complete emotional disconnect with your buyers. Once you understand this, you’ll know how to attract incredibly loyal customers.

  • How to create powerful and compelling headlines, in ANY business! I’ve only previously revealed this two-step headline formula at my $5,000 Copywriting workshop -- so dig into this, immediately, because this alone is worth a small fortune! (on page 5)

  • How to use scarcity, effectively -- even when you’re dealing with people who already have... everything!

  • On page 6, you’ll discover a little-known way of making your readers imagine they’re already part of your sale. This is extremely important, because once you get your prospects involved in your sales pitch... they’re well on their way to making a buying commitment.

  • You’ll even discover a little-known selling strategy that lets you create a “Secret Society” most affluent buyers will be aching to belong to!

If you like selling high-priced items and making lots of money doing it, then you MUST download this Special Report right NOW. It lets you do this, while eliminating any resistance and objections from your high-end buyers.

Hey Craig, I thought you would dig this... there were no previous sales here... just straight to the $20,000 coaching program.

More importantly, I charged 5 times the amount I had originally planned on charging for my coaching program (prior to meeting and consulting with you).

Your copy is cool, but even cooler (at least to me) is your business mind set and street smarts... In the short three months since starting your coaching program, I have completely revamped our positioning, redefined our USP, increased our prices (and profits) across the boards and of course, learned a ton about copy writing...

I can account for $60,000 in additional income in 12 short weeks, NOT including the additional rate of response we have received from all our marketing. The day I called and signed on with you goes down as a one of those few "bring you to the next level" events that one may experience in a business life time. Life is good! Patrick Precourt - Rocky Hill, CT

The good news is, virtually anyone in ANY industry can, and should be charging top dollar, which is why I’ve written this Special Report. In fact, I’ll show you a little-known GOLDMINE of an opportunity (on page 4), most people are completely overlooking.

In many situations, this opportunity will generate more new profits, than your current business is capable of producing. (I’ll even show you an example of a company that’s making a killing using this exact strategy right now.)

Imagine being able to stop worrying about “How competitive you need to be.” Imagine a business (and a life) filled with HUGE profit margins and NO competition.

Imagine waking up every day and looking forward to seeing how much progress you’ve made, and how much further and further behind, your competition keeps getting!

You’ll be able to do ALL this, with the information in this Special Report. And the report is yours, FREE with your no-risk 30-day membership in the new Maximum Money Club. You’ll also receive...

Special Report #3:

How To Easily Sell... Almost ANYTHING!

In this Special Report, I’m going to show you how to sell almost anything. You’ll discover:

  • Where to find GREAT marketing ideas! (Hint: it’s NOT where you think.)

  • How to use strong Guarantees -- even when you’re selling things that are almost impossible to guarantee.

  • How to be an expert -- even when you’re uncomfortable being one! (page 3)

  • An important strategy (few people are even aware of) that makes a HUGE difference in your response rates. (on page 5)

  • How to “breathe life” into your sales copy, even if you’re selling boring and mundane goods and services. Remember, the more animated you are... the more you’ll sell.

  • How to avoid wasting time dealing with prospects who aren’t 100% interested or qualified to be working with you, in the first place.

  • How to create Unique Marketplace Positioning for your product or service!

  • How to sell “intimate” personal items!

  • How to create an attention-getting Unique Selling Proposition! (along with live examples of how to do this in your business)

  • The right way... and the wrong way... to establish credibility.

  • How to use empathy to get potential buyers to know, like, and trust you.

  • How to create irresistible offers, and... how NOT to! (pages 25 & 26)

  • How to use direct mail to sell... almost anything!

  • How to rally and unite your prospects and buyers around a common enemy!

  • How to use specific “voices” to create compelling positioning!

I am amazed at how simple you make marketing...anything! I am really looking forward to reading the book and getting my own Nutrition Newsletter started. God Bless! Dana Tingle - Vance, AL

Look, if you sell anything at all, then the information in this Special Report is critical. It reveals over a dozen different short-cuts and strategies you can use, to make your sales and conversion processes faster... streamlined... systematic... and FAR more effective.

You’ll find out how to do each of these things in this Special Report. Then, you can get ready to start your new life -- one where YOU control your business, instead of your business controlling you. But that’s not all, because you’ll also get...

Special Report #4:

How To Completely DOMINATE Your Marketplace:
Secrets Of Highly-Effective Positioning!

This Special Report reveals a few secret strategies NO ONE is talking about. Which is great, because even though positioning is one of the most important things any successful business must master... you can't find any information on it, anywhere.

I know, because when I first started in business, I knew NOTHING about positioning. I made the same HUGE mistakes most entrepreneurs make -- you know the mistakes I mean -- thinking “customer service” means you need to be beholden to your customers and clients.

You find yourself putting up with a LOT of bad behavior, you’d never tolerate for one second with your children, or in your personal life, and yet... because you don’t know a thing about positioning... you put up with it day in and day out fom your clients.

And what happens in this situation?

The services you’re providing and all that hard work you’re doing, isn’t very rewarding... because you’re working with clients who don’t deserve to have you helping them, in the first place.

Your positioning report was dead on! This should be mandatory reading by every business owner and entrepreneur! Mike Capuzzi - Downington, PA

But once you understand positioning, this completely changes, immediately. Once you understand how to position yourself -- with your clients, and in your marketplace... your life suddenly becomes a whole LOT less stressful.

All that needless anxiety and pressure you’ve been feeling, literally vanishes, overnight. You can finally start working with the clients you WANT to work with, and get rid of the ones you can’t stand working with.

And in this Special Report, I’ll reveal the REAL secret to positioning! It’s a lasting lesson you’ll remember, as long as you’re alive and in business.

The sad truth is, a lot of money is being withheld from you, simply because you don’t know how to position yourself properly in your marketplace.

But don't worry. Instead, just imagine how good you're going to feel once you’re finally able to command the kind of money you deserve... simply because you understand what positioning is, and how to position yourself so YOU control your business, instead of your your clients controlling it.

The days of being bullied around by clients who don’t deserve to work with you, or by competitors always rubbing their accomplishments in your face, while you’re toiling away in obscurity, will be gone, forever.

All you need to do is download this Special Report, and you can get started, immediately.

Special Report #5:

How To Completely Eliminate Worry, Forever!

Fact: cancer and cardiovascular disease are responsible for half of all deaths. And yet... you’ve probably spent more time worrying about your monthly cash-flow, terrorism, West Nile Virus and AIDS... than either cancer, or a bum ticker, right?

Of course.

Why do we agonize over things that have such a remote possibility of occurring, and yet... we completely ignore and often leave ourselves totally vulnerable to those things that are not only possible, but very probable, in some cases?

And sadly, because running a business adds its own set of extra problems to your life... your stress level and sense of worry is usually amplified, even more.

Listen, I don’t need to tell you, stress is one of the most devastating things anyone can experience.

But in this Special Report, you’ll understand exactly why you worry, and... you’ll also discover 3 ways to completely eliminate useless and unnecessary worry, permanently!

Imagine a life Free of worry! No more wasting time or energy on useless items that make you feel overwhelmed and fraught with fear... and no more anxiety eating you up inside.

This is the worry-free life you can look forward to, simply by listening to the common sense guidance in Special Report #5.

Special Report #6:

How To Write Compelling, Earth-Shattering Sales Bullets...
That Sell Like Gangbusters!

If you write sales letters, space ads, or any kind of marketing brochures, then this is the most exciting and important Special Report of all!

Writing strong, compelling bullets, is a combination of science and fine art. And most important -- it’s something anyone can do. In fact, writing bullets is like taking foul shots, in basketball.

Once you know the basics -- which are all inside this Special Report -- all you need to do is spend a little time practicing, and you’ll see a dramatic impact. Over the years, I’ve worked with people who started out writing absolutely AWFUL bullets. But with some basic practice... over a reasonable period of time (less than 3-6 months), many of them were able to write outstanding sales copy!

And the nice thing about bullets, is that all you need is ONE bullet to make your sale! I’ve had buyers call me over the years and let me know they purchased a product or service from me, solely because of one or two bullets they read in the sales copy!

These same buyers would otherwise be on the edge of the fence about buying, and these bullets alone, allowed them to take that “leap of faith” over the fence, and become a paying customer or client. The truth is, good sales bullets -- when well-crafted...


They sell for you, and they also bring in LOADS of new prospects because of their curiosity provoking nature. And, they also get everyone’s attention -- “skimmers” (readers who just “skim” through whatever you’ve sent them), as well as those readers who are detail-oriented and want to digest every single bite. Inside this Special Report:

  • 7 Ways to come up with the content of your bullets!

  • How to determine what to use your bullets for! And... maybe even more important -- what NOT to use them for!

  • Four ways to use bullets, including one (#4) that almost no one knows -- even though it’s an incredibly powerful customer involvement device.

  • Where to place your bullets in your ad or sales letter -- and where not to!

  • How many bullets you should use! (And how many is too much!)

  • 3 Simple rules that tell you whether a bullet is useful or not (on pages 10 & 11)

  • What order to put your bullets in! For instance, how to know which bullet goes first? Which one goes last? Which one should NEVER be last? You’ll find out, lickety-split.

  • What’s the best way to “lay out” your bullets? Aesthetics count, but... the good news is, there are only TWO decisions you need to make here, and I'll walk you through both of them in this Special Report.

  • And lastly, How to write your bullets so they’re MOST effective -- and how to avoid wasting your time on bullets that will never work, at all. Plus...


I have an incredibly simple “one-two” formula I use, to write bullets. I’ve been using it for years, and I’ll share it with you, along with plenty of actual examples, in this Special Report.

I’ve been told NO ONE has ever presented this topic in such a straight-forward, easy to understand, and even easier to use manner.

And don’t kid yourself, more often than not, your ability to sell, hinges exclusively on your ability to write compelling bullets. Which is why this is actually the MOST requested copywriting topic from my private clients and students. In fact, I’ve spent over 100 hours, in group and individual settings, teaching this one critical skill.

But you don’t have to travel to meet with me here in Tampa, to get your hands on this information. Just dig into this Special Report, and you’ll be able to sell virtually anything, once you understand the simple formula to writing compelling bullets that provokes curiosity, mesmerizes your buyers... and sells!

And by the way, there is literally NO other place you will be able to find this information -- anywhere. As a matter of fact, if you find similar information that’s presented as thoroughly and clearly as this, let me know and I’ll send you one of my $1,000 marketing systems, absolutely free.

As a small independent used car dealer, I need every advantage I can get, going up against the big franchise dealers. I want you to know that I was very skeptical at first, but decided to give your Maximum Money Club a try, anyway. I can honestly say I am very glad that I did so!

Just the other day the AutoTrader representatives came to my dealership to tell me I'm 'Da Man! They even took me to a very expensive restaurant for lunch! The reason? My on-line shopper click-on rate has averaged 7.11% in the past two months, since I started using and applying your methods. If you are wondering what the industry average's 2.5%! (That’s almost 3 times higher!)

I told them that if I divulged my secret, that I would have to kill them afterwards! How did I do it? How did I become an overnight sensation in my field? I did it by using bold, compelling, and irresistible headlines that incorporated your seven elements of good advertisement copy! Craig, this field is in dire need for someone like you! But, it is my sincere hope, that they do not become your customers! That way I can keep attracting more customers to my website, and ultimately, my dealership!

My only regret is that I didn't sign up, sooner! It really has turned out to be a terrific investment! Warmest regards, Chris Dimitris - Richmond, VA

This next report, gives you information on a topic that’s RARELY addressed, yet the information in it is critical if you want to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Special Report #7:

How To Take Any Weakness Or Flaw In Your Product,
Service, Or Industry... And Turn It Into A Core Strength

Most people mistakenly believe their business needs to look “perfect.” Like there are no flaws in their business or their processes... or with their product or their industry, or whatever.

And while that might sound good on paper, you and I both know, that’s NOT how life works.

In reality, NOTHING is perfect. Some products don’t work as well as others... some services are limited in what they can offer... and sometimes, entire industries are inherently flawed.

And contrary to popular belief, the BEST thing you can do in this situation -- to make yourself as appealing as possible, is to be open and honest about these flaws and weaknesses. This makes you completely different from your competitors who are all pretending nothing’s wrong, even though everyone knows exactly what’s going on, anyway.

And in this Special Report, I’m going to show you how take any weakness and turn it into a strength.

And why is this important? The answer is simple: because this is how MANY good marketing hooks and Unique Selling Propositions, are actually developed. By taking what could potentially be your Achilles heel, and making it your unique marketing differential -- when done right -- this actually gives you very powerful and unique positioning. And in this Special Report, you’ll uncover:

  • How to handle objections, and how to position yourself -- even if you haven’t been in business very long.

  • Why you should NEVER criticize your competition -- no matter HOW bad they are -- and what to do, instead!

  • How to lower your prospect’s defenses and skepticism, and make them MUCH more open to working with you, and... much more open to your suggestions and recommendations.

  • And... why you really DON’T have to work much harder to sell something at a higher price point! In fact, you’ll discover how easy it is to sell at higher price points, once you start using the strategies on Page 5.

Look, in today’s day and age, with skepticism and fraud at an all-time high, you can’t afford to ignore ANY potential objections and concerns potential buyers might have.

If someone has an objection, or a concern... and you don’t address it... you can kiss their business goodbye -- seriously. There are simply too many other options out there, to choose from.

This Special Report reveals what only a select handful of ultra-wealthy entrepreneurs and communicators know. But now you too, can join this group. You can get your hands on this information and begin using it, in literally just a few minutes -- simply by taking a no-risk trial membership in the new Maximum Money Club, right now.

As a constant addict of information that will help my businesses grow, I was referred by a friend to Craig Garber.

I decided to take him up on his (Maximum Money Club) free trial offer. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. As a consistent student of some of the world’s top marketers, and as a direct response marketer myself, I am always keeping my eyes open for the ones that say they deliver value versus the ones that actually do.

I have subscribed to numerous marketers monthly newsletters and I am still blown away at how insignificant their newsletters are in terms of applicable information, in comparison to Seductive Selling.

So much so that I have cancelled many of the others. I am happy to say that Craig is one of the few that certainly over delivers each and every month. His newsletters are packed with practical "no hype" marketing strategies that make a difference when applied to any business, in any industry.

He offers hardcore proven strategies, some that remind you to get back to the basics while some you may have never thought about before. He does this with one outcome in mind: to help you become a better marketer and get you results, fast.

I anxiously wait for Seductive Selling every month. I purposely block time to read it uninterrupted. Then I schedule time to implement many of the things I have learned each month because there is so many. Trust me, once you start reading it, you’ll want to do the same thing, too! Kendra Cecieta - Beverly, MA


Special Report #8:

How To Use Persuasive Sales Analogies To Close More Deals

Look, if you’re in sales -- any kind of sales -- then understanding how to "close" sales presentations and make your point using simple, tangible analogies, is critical to your success.

And yet... few people understand how to use analogies, or how to choose the right ones, that persuade... communicate... and close!

Inside this report, you’ll uncover the EASIEST sales analogy formula to use, no matter what you’re selling, or who you’re selling it to.

In fact, it’s SO easy to use... even if you’re not that good at selling, and even if you feel downright “awkward” when it comes to selling... you’ll be able to master it in no time at all. And once you do, your ability to compel your listener and sell to them, increases dramatically.

Imagine being able to communicate any sales pitch you want, using plain and simple analogies that just “make sense” to your buyers. Well, now you can do this, with the information in Special Report #8.

Special Report #9:

Simple Small Ads That Create HUGE Fortunes!

In this Special Report, I’m going to take you by the hand, and show you step-by-step, how to use simple, small space ads, to make yourself a bundle of cash!

Successful ads like this have ran in magazines for literally over 100 years.

And you can use these exact same strategies, formulas, and templates in this Special Report, to write display ads, postcards and sales letters offline... and pay per click and banner ads, as well as sales letters, online. Here’s what’s inside this Special Report:

  • On page 6 - ONE unusual strategy, that by itself, typically lifts response rates by 50%!

  • On the top of page 4, I’ll show you a VERY easy "trick" that makes your product appear to do ALL the work for your buyers. This works in ANY setting, by the wa..., and creates a very subtle, but incredibly powerful difference in how your product is perceived.

  • How to use simple words to create “warmth” and trust!

  • When to use guarantees in your headline. This has nothing to do with your product or service, and everything to do with your marketplace. I’ll explain it all to you, on page 5 of this Special Report.

  • I’ll reveal one of THE best ways you can create believable scarcity in your business, in almost any kind of advertisement! And remember, the ONLY way “scarcity” works, is when your prospects actually believe what you’re selling is scarce, so this strategy is VERY important.

  • A sneaky little strategy restaurants use (at the top of Page 11), to sell high-priced menu items. (I’m 100% certain you’ve fallen for this trick, at LEAST once before.)

  • Lastly, you’ll get the inside scoop on how to get "noticed," especially when you’re in a competitive industry!

Don’t overlook the information inside this Special Report. Follow the advice in here, and you’ll never worry about how to lay out your ads... or how to get your buyers interested in what you’re offering. It’s all inside and you’ll get complete details, in Special Report #9.

And, you’ll also get to see what compelling offers look like. In fact, just click on the Get Instant Access Button below, and before the end of the day, chances are outstanding you’ll easily have no less than a dozen new ideas to form the “guts” of your next online or offline ad or sales letter, just from the information in this one Special Report alone.

And, you can get started in just a few minutes, simply by downloading my 30-Day Cash-Flow Surge Program, which is yours, free... along with a no-risk free trial membership in the new Maximum Money Club, right now.

Special Report #10:

10 Important Life Lessons From The Phantom Tollbooth

If you’re into personal development, or if you have children... you’ll find this Special Report very meaningful, and extremely useful.

In this Special Report, I share a few life lessons that are so important, I’ve actually passed them down to my three children. They come from my experience as an entrepreneur in my second decade of business, with over 25 years of experience in sales under my belt. Not to mention, the wonderful lessons and survival skills I learned after years of struggling, growing up in an extremely stressful family living in an inner-city urban project. We’ll cover:

  • Truly, the most POWERFUL way of connecting with people. If you're looking to make long-term memories with anyone -- this is what you MUST do.

  • Why there are NO wrong roads to anywhere. And how to figure this out, yourself.

  • How to look at potential failures... to maximize your successes.

  • How to GUARANTEE your feet don’t leave the ground, too early.

  • How to start accomplishing more -- a LOT more! (on page 4)

  • When to make due with less.

  • Why there’s a lot to see everywhere -- if only you’ll keep your eyes open.

  • When to feel bad about making mistakes -- and when NOT to. And the REAL value of mistakes, especially in business.

  • And... how to figure out what’s possible, and what your limits really are.

Let’s face it, business is a lot like life: 90% of your success depends solely on your attitude, and only 10% on what you actually experience. And the information in this Special Report shows you practical strategies that stack the odds in your favor, for an overwhelming win, in both business and in life.

Special Report #11:

How To Use Google To Test Free Report And Book Titles!

In this Special Report, I’ll reveal one of the most reliable, most controllable ways of assuring yourself long-term stability in your business. Plus:

  • A ridiculously simple way to create a Unique Selling Proposition that identifies the ONE specific reason why your customer should work with YOU, over any of your competitors.

  • We’ll also go through an example of how one company is using this process to charge ten times as much as their competitors!

  • Lastly, you’ll discover how to use all these strategies when testing book titles, headlines, Free Report titles... and anything else you can think of, on Google.

Let me assure you, I am NOT a “techie” or a Google expert, by ANY stretch of the imagination. So if I can do this... ANYONE can do this!

It’s easy, it’s exciting, and the results you get are immediate, and incredibly valuable. And, you can get started instantly with the information inside Special Report #11, simply by taking a no-risk free trial membership in the Maximum Money Club, right now.

Special Report #12:

How To Stop Big Brother... Dead In His Tracks!

You know, once you can write compelling and effective sales copy in business... what you’ll suddenly find is that there's LOADS of opportunities to use this skill outside your business, as well.

I’ll show you one powerful example of this, in this Special Report, which has been very well received.

In fact, I’ll walk you through a personal case study where I applied for an increase in benefits to one of my personal insurance policies, and I was denied coverage -- for an absolutely absurd (yet incredibly common) reason.

It was like being denied health insurance because you might get sick and need it!

So I crafted a short, one-page letter, and... less than 7 days later (which must be some kind of insurance company response time record), the insurance company turned around and approved my coverage, IN FULL!

There are FOUR things you must include in any sales letter or correspondence like this, to make this go the way you want it to go, and... I reveal and explain all four of them, in detail... in Special Report #12.

You can use these strategies to help one of your kids deal with an incompetent teacher in school (which I’ve done)... help one of your friends or family members land an important job (done)... get a vendor to make good on a large transation or promise (done)... persuade your local community zoning board to change their mind (which I've also done) -- really, the list of what you can make happen, is endless!

No matter which aspect of life you’re trying to make progress with, you’ll find out exactly how to do it in this Special Report, which is yours, FREE with your no-risk trial membership in the Maximum Money Club.

Simply click on the Get Instant Access Button below, and you’ll get instant and immediate access to all 12 Special Reports. But that’s not all, because also included in the 30-Day Cash-Flow Surge Program, is...

A Current Issue of The Seductive Selling Newsletter

Currently read in over 15 countries world-wide, Seductive Selling is the fastest-growing offline Lead Generation, Copywriting, Direct-Response Marketing and Sales Conversion Strategies Newsletter. It has been published monthly, since April 2006, and your first issue will be rushed out to you, FREE, by U.S. First Class Mail, immediately with your 30-Day Free Cash-Flor Surge Program.

If you continue your membership in the Maximum Money Club, you’ll receive a new issue of Seductive Selling shipped to you every month. Then, just like the hundreds and hundreds of other subscribers around the world, you can start devouring and profiting from the information in it. In each issue, you'll get:

Lead Generation, Copywriting, And Direct-Marketing Strategies
And Shortcuts, That Rapidly Increase Your Net Profits

Here’s just a small sampling of what you missed during the last few months alone:

  • A common and very costly mistake people make when generating leads. This is one of the primary reasons why most lead generation marketing rarely gives you the results you want, or the results you were expecting.

  • The right way... and the wrong way... to sell continuity services like coaching and other subscriptions. (99% of the time, it has to do with the positioning of the offer and the premium.)

  • 2 VAST offline and online sources of classic ads, you should be using as models for your own ads, sales letters, direct mail, and online web pages!

  • Five high-impact examples of business opportunity sales pitches. You’ll discover what to do, and... maybe even more important -- what NOT to do!

  • How to sell emotionally, using hope and optimism! This is critical, no matter what you’re selling, because if your buyer doesn’t "feel" his life is going to be better with you in it... then you have NO sale.

  • How I launched a very profitable continuity program without having to do NEARLY as much work as most people do. (This was actually one of THE smartest things I’ve ever done in my entire career.)

  • Current examples of space ads you should NEVER run, and why. I walk you through layouts, headlines, offers, and Unique Selling Propositions. We even discussed how to name your company, so you wind up attracting only the most qualified buyers.

  • Commonly used headlines and sub-headline that actually COST you money. I’ll reveal the psychology and emotional buy-buttons behind this, so you understand how this common mistake is detrimental to your buyers.

  • The absolute WORST place to put your customer guarantee or risk-free offer! (Unfortunately, you actually wind up WASTING both of them, when you do this.)

  • Why you must never offer ANY potential client, a “free consultation!” (This is very important.)

  • When to use your Unique Selling Proposition as a headline in your ad or sales letter

  • I also revealed one of the most compelling offers I’ve ever seen, especially if you’re selling any kind of coaching or boot camp programs, and... why it’s SO powerful!

  • How to use Claude C. Hopkins famous positioning strategy with a unique twist.

  • 7 Ways to create a Unique Selling Proposition: supplement business, service industry, online services, home services, business opportunity, cool consumer food product, and professional consumer services

Here are a few examples of the kinds of comments we routinely receive about Seductive Selling.

Hi Craig, I just thought I'd write you a quick note to let you know about a HOME RUN product launch I just completed in dating niche. In the end, this campaign ended up netting me over $30,000 and I have YOU largely to thank for its success. Some of the strategies I got from reading your Seductive Selling Newsletter were key in making my launch a smashing success.

Seductive Selling has so many cutting edge strategies you can't find ANYWHERE else. There are a lot of gurus out there to follow, but I'm really happy I got plugged into your stuff. If anyone is serious about taking their business to the next level, they'd be crazy not to follow you. Thanks. Ron Reich - Claremont, CA


OK, I have been reading your newsletters for last 4 months and have also read 6 back issues. I have subscribed to (someone else's) newsletter for the last 4 years and I am amazed that you surpass his material, which is darn good.

I think the best part of your entire newsletter is your rewrites of bad marketing. I can clearly see your teaching points about triggering emotional buy buttons and writing copy that kicks butt. And it makes sense because you put your money where you mouth is and show us what you got. This gives you a lot of credibility and really drives home your teaching points in the newsletter. Please keep doing this.

Also you break down these pieces in a lot more detail than (someone else's) newsletter, which really helps anchor your message better in my mind. You really hone in on the "how to" write better ad copy and I really appreciate that.

In terms of what could be improved??? I struggle with this since you are exceeding my expectations of value already. Whenever this rare event occurs in my life, I tend to cross my fingers and hope it continues. Why criticize? Best regards. David Lowrey - Tampa, Florida


Craig, I finally signed up for your offline newsletter. I have learned so much from you, I am able to give valuable input to others and seriously, it was to help others and not for any money at all.

So what happens when we follow your advice? The first time I used one of your emotional buttons in an email it was read by 160% of my actual email list. Result: more orders than any other month this year.

God bless you Craig, I’m so glad some one pointed me in your direction. I really am! Edwin Soler - Avondale, PA

Appreciate these are NOT cherry-picked testimonials, at all. These are all completely average testimonials we’ve been receiving since April, 2006 when the first issue of the newsletter was published. In fact, we have literally HUNDREDS of testimonials on file here in our office, about Seductive Selling.

Listen, if it makes you money, and has anything to do with generating qualified leads, emotional direct-response marketing, or writing compelling ads and effective sales copy... then you’ll be reading about it in Seductive Selling. Each issue is also stuffed with...

Live Marketing Examples!

Each month, you’ll also get between 4 and 10 examples of actual LIVE marketing pieces to model, swipe, and create ideas from. These examples include: space ads... sales letters... Member pieces sent in that I’ve critiqued and re-written... e-mails... lead generation pieces... conversion testing results for landing pages... headlines... offers... thank-you letters... Classic Ads... and virtually anything and everything in-between. In fact, here are a few live marketing examples you’ve recently missed:

  • An example of one of THE longest-running self-development programs ever sold. And the ONE strategy that made it so effective over this entire time.

  • You RARELY see businesses thanking their customers. But I recently came across one thank-you letter in particular, that was so sincere, and got you so involved... it was the perfect one to model, if you actually want to establish long-term relationships with your clients and customers.

  • Period ads that reveal VERY clever ways of getting current pop culture involved in your communication. (Which is smart, because virtually all your customer and clients can relate to current pop culture news.)

  • Consumer ads selling books, weight-loss, fitness, vanity products, hobbyist interests, self-improvement, women’s goods, and much more!

Craig, been reading every issue of the Seductive Selling Newsletter religiously. I get it in the mail, rip it open and don’t put it down until I've read it through, completely. It's that GOOD. The copy examples you review and pick apart are extremely informative. It's an opportunity every month to learn from one of the best minds in marketing and copywriting. Thanks, Darryl DeLong - Groton, MA

I encourage you to send in your own examples, or examples of interesting things you happen to come across, so I can publish them, in Seductive Selling.

The Latest Industry News, Legal Issues
And Marketplace Trends You Need To Be Aware Of

You’ll get all this in the “Weekend Update News” column (named after the Saturday Night Live news broadcast). Here are some of the typical items you’ll get the scoop on, month-in and month-out:

  • What’s happing out there in the marketplace, that’s currently affecting (or should be affecting) your business -- for better... and sometimes, for worse. I'll also show you how to leverage this information to your greatest advantage! (After all, "gaining leverage"... is what the “Maximum Money Club” is all about!)

  • I'll also cover things like FTC and other legal news that impacts you... unusually creative marketing ideas, and...

  • Every month you'll also get a list of "Cool URL's" to use.

These are websites, software, and other resources, that give you even more short-cuts and useful information. And, powerful tools and resources that increase your productivity and remove ordinary distractions -- while streamlining your efficiency in a number of your current business processes.

In The "On My Nightstand Right Now," Section,
I Reveal New Books And Magazines, That Make Your
Everyday Business And Personal Life, A LOT Easier

I’m a voracious reader and each month I share one or more book recommendations, along with a short summary. You’ll discover the information you MUST get your hands on -- as well as what you MUST avoid!

I absolutely love the "On My Nightstand Right Now" section, and started to look at the books you suggested. I like to surround myself with great books. Thank you for putting out this information and hopefully every newsletter will have the what you are reading right now. You've been a great inspiration to me and in my thinking and writing. Keep up the great work. Dr. EJ Tahir - Burr Ridge, IL

I’ll Even Answer Your Most Pressing Business, Marketing
And Copywriting Challenges, In The Monthly Q & A Column!

Every month, in “Secrets From Inside The King’s Treasure Chest,” I answer one or more questions sent in by members. In the last few months alone, here’s a small sampling of what you missed:

  • 3 Ways to make your offer FAR more compelling, and dramatically boost your response rates!

  • The 4 Biggest mistakes people make when writing sales copy that actually prevent you from being convincing!

  • A clever way of making money with a list of leads you generated, even when the list hasn’t been profitable for you

  • How to determine if direct mail (or any media, for that matter) is a viable sales and marketing tool for you to use

  • How to use shocking controversy to create MASSIVE buyer interest in what you have to say

  • How to publish and sell information products, and create a strong value proposition for them... even when you have nothing else to compare them to!

For most members, this is an extremely informative and “hands on” part of the newsletter, so make sure you send your questions in, immediately.

Craig, I've just finished reading this month's Seductive Selling newsletter. WOW, thank you for answering my question in this month’s Q & A column! You gave me plenty to think about. Now I'm trying to work out my USP to stop being so "generic" and make myself stand out in the market. Charlotte Fleming - Forfar, Scotland

And Since Every Publication Should Also Be Entertaining...
I’ll Also Share Some Open And Honest Thoughts With You
In The Monthly Editorial, Called “Tales From The Back End”

Craig Garber  
Riding in the 42-mile 5-borough
bike race through New York City

In this part of the newsletter, you'll get a glimpse into my personal life, and whatever's going on in it: cool new projects I’m working on... unusual things I'm doing, and candid insight into whatever else helps you maintain your sanity, in this insane world we're all living in.

But be forewarned, I am NOT a bland, un-opinionated politically correct guy. I didn't bootstrap my life from the projects of the Bronx to get where I am today, by being bashful.

It took a LOT of hard work, tales of a misspent youth, loads of failures, bankruptcy, divorce and lots of ongoing tuition-paying, life-lessons! So if you're looking for a hug and some kisses, this probably isn't where you're going to find them. But... if you want hard-hitting slabs of thought-provoking reality to chew on, smile at, and prosper from... and if you thrive on personal growth and development... then this will probably be the first section of Seductive Selling you dig into! You will also get to:

Participate On The Next Monthly
Maximum Money Club Group Coaching Call -- Completely FREE!

Once a month, Maximum Money Club Members get to participate on a 60-minute monthly group coaching call, with me. You can ask me any questions you want, about business, marketing, lead generation, conversions, sales copy, positioning -- whatever! Calls take place at 1pm Eastern Standard Time, on the second Thursday of every month. And if you can’t make the call, don’t worry - you’ll get an Audio CD of the call, shipped to your mailbox every month. And, you’ll even get a special e-mail address where you can send in questions for me to answer, prior to the call.

Bottom line: even if you can’t make any of the calls, you still receive 100% of the benefits.

Imagine how much less anxiety you’ll have, and how much more predictable your cash-flow will be, when you’re consistently overcoming critical business and marketing obstacles, instead of being held back by them!

Even if you only pick up ONE new thing on these calls each month -- your end results are going to be massive! Here’s just a small sample of some of the questions I answered on recent calls:

  • How can I position myself so I’m able to charge more for my services?

  • What’s the best “end benefit” to sell, that will be most widely accepted by the most highly-qualified prospects in my industry?

  • What are the best emotional buying triggers to focus on, in my upcoming promotion?

  • What would be the best (most cost-effective) advertising medium to use, to access my buyers, if I am just entering the world of paid advertising?

  • How can I improve my guarantee? Are there more ways than one? (For sure!)

  • How do you position yourself during busy season, when the market is even noisier than ever?

  • How do you generate qualified leads in this particular marketplace?

  • What are some things I can do to increase the value of my clients?

  • How can I convert my prospects into paying clients, faster?

  • I seem to be spending more time than I’d like, with prospects who aren’t qualified to buy from me. What can I do, to eliminate this from happening?

  • Can you help me develop a Unique Selling Proposition? My industry is very competitive and I have to do something different.

  • What’s the best way to “spin” this offer -- what kind of copy would work best?

My regular consulting rate is $1,000 an hour, but you get this call FREE, as part of this no-risk Free test-drive offer. And if you continue your Maximum Money Club Membership, you can send in your questions or participate on this call, every month, included in the incredibly low monthly membership dues.

Also included in the 30-Day Cash-Flow Surge Program, is:

An Audio CD Of Last Month’s Maximum Money Club Group Coaching Call

This Audio CD will immediately be rushed out to you, by U.S. First Class Mail, along with your current issue of the Seductive Selling Newsletter.

Appreciate that many of the strategies in this program, are so easy to implement, you can easily have them up and running before midnight tonight! But wait... there’s still a LOT more to go. Also included in the 30-Day Cash-Flow Surge Program, is...

A Video Sales Critique Of An 8-Page Sales Letter I Wrote, That Consistently Converts 10% Of All $47 Product Buyers...
Into A $997 Dollar Full System Upsell!

As you know, in a world where businesses live and die solely based on how much money their business can reliably make on back-end sales, response rates like this are simply unheard of! You’ll get a step-by-step video breakdown of this sales letter, where I go over:

  • All the marketing strategies I used...

  • All the copywriting tricks and hooks I used, and an explanation of why they were so effective, and...

  • All the components that made this offer so completely irresistible.

This lets you create winning marketing just like this, for your business. Watching this video will be like you’re sitting here right next to me, behind my desk, in front of my computer screen... and you and I are going through the entire sales letter, line-by-line. I’ll be explaining why I used this word and not that word... how to decide what headline or sub-headline to use... and when to make your offer, so even completely new prospects will know, trust, and like you, immediately.

I charge $1,497 to do sales copy critiques - but this one is yours, Free... and you can start digging right into it, instantly -- simply by taking a no-risk trial membership in the new Maximum Money Club, right now. Also included in this program, is something that’s literally changed people’s lives:

You’ll Receive Not One, But TWO FREE
Sales Copy And Ad Marketing Critiques:

This one’s pretty straight forward. Send me in any ad, sales letter, or marketing piece, and I will give you a Free critique of it. These critiques are VERY powerful -- here, just listen for yourself:

Craig, I just got back your critique of my sales letter. One word: WOW! I appreciate all your feedback and I’m blown away that this free critique was so detailed. It was easy to see you really read my letter to the end, very thoroughly. I’m sure the profits I make once I implement your feedback, will be multiples of my investment in your Maximum Money Club. You really over-delivered. Ron Reich - Claremont, CA


I just got the copy critique and it was very thorough, not brutal :) Thanks a lot. You gave me a whole lot to think about in regards to the market I chose (and how it may or may not be worth going after). I also didn't expect you to give me exact examples of what I should write... this was GOLD!

I've had PAID critiques before, by other people, and believe it or not NONE of them were as detailed as this was. I can't believe you offer this as a bonus for Maximum Money Club membership. It just seems too damn good to give away. This just confirms once more, you have the best direct marketing program on the planet. Thanks again, Carlos Redlich - Miami, Florida

Sometimes, I’ll even re-write your piece and publish the original and the re-write in an issue of Seductive Selling! So make sure you take advantage of this benefit, as quickly as possible.

I know this seems hard to believe, but... there's still got quite a bit more to included in this program! As I said, I’ve made this offer absolutely irresistible for anyone who wants better marketing and increased profits. So... you’ll also be receiving 3 interviews I gave:

Interview #1:

How To Outfox The Foxes:
Inside Secrets Of Selling And Persuasion!

You’ll get this 53-minute audio interview (which you can listen to online, or download), PLUS you’ll also get a 16-page transcript of the interview, so you can digest all this information whichever way is best for you. Here are just a few of the marketing strategies I revealed on this interview:

  • It’s often easy to attract people to your website -- but unless you are communicating with them about this ONE specific thing, unfortunately... they’re not going to stick around for very long

  • How to speak to your audience, even when you’re uncomfortable posting on your blog, or sharing parts of your personal story

  • 7 Steps to running an effective teleseminar that sells!

  • How to identify your BEST buyers, and how and when to sell to them, to make “Maximum Money”

  • How to charge top-dollar for your goods and services, and...

  • How to overcome your fear of asking people for money

If you sell anything, and you’re looking for a slight edge... this interview gives it to you, in spades. You’ll also receive:

Interview #2:

Seductive Copywriting Secrets That Sell!

This 65-minute audio interview and 29-page transcript is simply PACKED with information, including:

  • How to use stories to: Launch a career... get new leads... sell virtually anything to anyone, and change your life!

  • What every entrepreneur MUST know: how to get your foot in the door, and... maybe even MORE important -- how to keep that door open!

  • The 3 Biggest Strategic marketing mistakes people make when writing sales copy and trying to sell

  • The 3 Most common and costly marketing mistakes business-owners are making

  • The 3 Most critical advertising variables to test (be careful with this one)

  • How to make sure YOU get chosen over your competition, every time

If you want to communicate and write smoother sales copy, with far less anxiety and much stronger results, then pay close attention to all the copywriting short-cuts I reveal on this interview. There’s one more interview I want you to have, and this one is called:

Interview #3:

How To “Smell” When Opportunity Comes Knocking

On this 61-minute audio interview, which comes with a 23-page transcript of the call, here’s a small sampling of what you’ll uncover:

  • The right way... and the wrong way... to push your prospects emotional buy-buttons (with actual examples)

  • How to rapidly escalate your buyers desire to take action, NOW. And...

  • How to sell -- even when demand is unusually low

If you’re the kind of person who doesn’t like to miss out when opportunity comes knocking, then you’ll get a LOT out of this particular call. And last but not least, you’ll also get...

$100 Of FREE Cash!

Slash $100 bucks off some consulting time, or off one of the many products we publish.

The bottom line is, membership in the Maximum Money Club consistently gives you access to all the insights, strategies and short-cuts, my clients and I are using, to profit handsomely, day-in and day-out, in LOADS of different businesses, all over the world.

If you continue your membership in the Maximum Money Club, you’ll get to participate on the Maximum Money Club Coaching Calls, PLUS you’ll also receive an Audio CD of every call... PLUS, the current issue of Seductive Selling -- all shipped to you by U.S. First Class Mail, every month.

All you need to do right now, is cover shipping and handling ($5.95 US, $15.95 outside of America) for the most current edition of The Seductive Selling Newsletter and the Maximum Money Club Audio CD, and your 3 gift certificates (2 for sales copy reviews, 1 for the $100 in cash). This package will be rushed out to you immediately by U.S. First Class Mail. You’ll have 30 days to evaluate all this information, before making any kind of decision about staying in the Maximum Money Club. But either way, you get to keep the 30-Day Cash-Flow Surge Program and start profiting from it, instantly.

After your Free 30-day test-drive, your subscription automatically becomes activated at only $49.95 a month ($59.95 if you're outside of America). If at any time after your free 30-day evaluation period, you want to cancel, just give us a call at 813-909-2214 or fax a note to my office at 954-337-2369, and we’ll IMMEDIATELY cancel your subscription, no questions asked, and no hard feelings.

If you're not happy, you have no obligation to continue, but feel free
to keep the 26 FREE gifts, just for trying out The Maximum Money Club.

Plus, just to make you even MORE comfortable, I'm also giving you a:

12-MONTH, $25,000 GUARANTEE!

12-Month, $25,000 Guarantee!  

I have no problem putting my money where my mouth is -- we wouldn't be around so long, if I couldn't back this up:

"If The Maximum Money Club doesn't make you money... you pay nothing."

It's true! Just test-drive The Maximum Money Club for 12 months. Take advantage of all the benefits, including your sales copy critiques... the monthly Maximum Money Club calls... the Seductive Selling Newsletter... the live monthly examples and sales copy re-writes... all the copywriting tips and marketing strategies... and the creative warehouse of ideas that boosts your response rates.

If after 12 months, you can honestly say you haven't made at LEAST an extra $25,000 Dollars you wouldn't have made without these resources, then I'll happily refund 100% of the investment you've made in this Club, over those last 12 months.

Is that fair or what?

I hope so, because I'm putting a fair chunk of change at risk, here. However, I'm VERY comfortable betting on your success in the Maximum Money Club. And if that's not putting my money where my mouth is, then I don't know what is.

So click on the link below to claim your Free 30-Day Cash-Flow Surge Program... along with your Free 30-day test-drive of the Maximum Money Club. Do this right NOW, while it's fresh on your mind and before anything else comes up!

Just to recap, let’s just review everything included in your 30-day Cash-Flow Surge Program, most of which you’ll download, immediately:

  • 12 Special Reports

  • Current Back-Issue of The Seductive Selling Newsletter (shipped by US First Class Mail, along with the current Maximum Money Call)

  • To participate on this month’s Maximum Money Club Group Coaching Call!

  • An Audio CD recording of last month’s Maximum Money Club Group Coaching Call

  • A step-by-step video critique of a back-end upsell letter I wrote, that consistently converts 10% of all buyers of a $47 product, into a $997 Dollar full system upsell. You'll also get a copy of the actual letter, itself...

  • A Free  Now 2 Free Sales Copy and Ad Marketing Critiques

  • How To Outfox The Foxes: Inside Secrets Of Selling & Persuasion, 53-minute audio interview AND... a transcript of the call

  • Seductive Copywriting Secrets That Sell, 65-minute audio interview AND... a transcript of the call

  • How To “Smell” Opportunity, 61-minute audio interview AND... a transcript of the call

  • $100 Free Cash

This program is all yours, right now... without any further obligation, simply for taking a risk-free test-drive of the Maximum Money Club.

Thank you for reading this message, and either way, I wish you nothing but great success and good health, always. If you have any questions, contact Anne in my office at 813-909-2214, or by e-mail at

And... I’ll look forward to speaking with you and answering your questions on the next Maximum Money Club call!

Craig Garber

P.S. There are probably one or two questions you still have, so let me answer them quickly, before I go.

First, you may be wondering why I call this the “Maximum Money Club,” so let me explain: the title of my first book is called “How To Make Maximum Money With Minimum Customers.” And frankly... every single client I’ve ever worked with (over 300 at this point, in more than 87 different industries), has all come to me for one reason: to make “Maximum Money.”

So... it just makes sense.

And second, you’re probably wondering why I’m giving all this stuff away, and making you such an incredible offer. And the answer is simple.

See, my products are actually my best sales people. And this means, a certain percentage of people who take advantage of this offer, are going to stick around for the long haul, and want to order even more of my products and services.

So my goal here, isn’t to make a bundle -- my goal is simply to get my foot in the door with you. Because if you’re even a little like the thousands of other entrepreneurs and marketers who’ve been through my programs over the years... I’m confident you’ll be sticking around for a l-o-o-n-g time.

Basically, I’m giving you all the motivation you need, to satisfy your curiosity and see if what I’m offering you... is really as good as I’m saying it is -- and all at NO risk to you.

This is what life is all about.
Here I am with my family in
Yellowstone National Park.

The nice thing is, I've used these strategies to build a really special life for my family. Far greater than I ever imagined possible -- and there's NO reason why you can't do the same thing.

Remember, luck and hope aren’t very good business strategies. So if you're sick and tired of "hoping" things get better... and the thought of getting a constant supply of fresh new strategies, short-cuts and meaningful, thought-provoking conversation gets you excited... then click on the Get Instant Access button and take advantage of this incredible offer.

Because it will dramatically change your business, and therefore your life, as well.

Even if you’re unsure - take this completely free test-drive of the Maximum Money Club, right now. Because you have absolutely EVERYTHING to gain... and literally nothing to lose.

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Michael Krisa - Ontario, Canada


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Ron Pippin - Ogden, Utah


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Brian Edmondson - Levittown, Pennsylvania



Craig, I just received my first issue of your Seductive Selling Newsletter, and I am FURIOUS. Here's why... Your newsletter arrived a few days after my order, just like you said it would. But, when I tore open the large white envelope and started reading it, I only got to page three before I suddenly realized... I've Been Ripped Off!

You see, Craig, I'm a long-time subscriber to a number of marketing letters (including a top publication by a prestigious university) and I gotta tell you... by the time I got to page three of your Seductive Selling Newsletter, I literally pounded my fist on my desk and yelled, "Damn! How Come No One ELSE Reveals This Stuff!"

I felt like the other newsletters had ripped me off! The insights and techniques you revealed in just the first three pages alone, blew away anything I have EVER seen before. By the time I finished reading the entire issue, there were so many light bulbs going off in my head, it felt like the Fourth of July arrived early! I'm not kidding Craig. I had one of those "Ah Ha" moments that caused me to re-think my business in a whole new way.

I have already started implementing some of the strategies you revealed and feel I have received more than my money's worth for the entire year's Membership. Anyway, I just wanted to write and say "Thank You!" Thank you for publishing Seductive Selling. Thank you for not holding back. And thank you for sharing your uncanny business insights and street-proven techniques. I am putting it ALL to good use. Looking forward to the next issue. Paul Romeo - San Clemente, California


Craig, Today I spent nearly four hours on the road on the way to and from a job. But you know what, I don't care. You see your newsletter arrived yesterday and today I got the chance to read most of it and listen to three of the audios. And now I'm hooked. Ya got me. Thanks a lot. Whatever it is in pounds a month to hear and read what you have to say, I'm in. Ian Pritchard - Wiltshire, U.K.


Craig I did exactly what you said to do in last Seductive Selling Newsletter in my last mailer piece. Changed the font size, type and changed the headline color to red. Changed the incentive spot to #2. And wham 40% increase in calls - from 100 calls to 144 so far - well I guess that’s 44%. You are awesome, thanks a bunch. Kevin Saffari - Irvine, CA


I wanted to drop you a quick note and say thank you. I have worked my tail off over the last 12 years to build this business from nothing to over $ 8 million in gross sales. I am also an avid real estate investor with 50 single family homes.

My gratitude is for two things that you have helped me accomplish. How have you helped me? Simple. I was recently on your last Maximum Money Club Coaching Call and afterwards, I felt somehow that my mindset had changed, something was now different.

My moment of clarity came from the fact that you were just you. A real freaking person, no B.S., no hype, and no hidden agenda, a husband and a father, no Ferrari driving Internet Marketing Millionaire! That’s’ refreshing…you don’t realize how refreshing, and I can relate. You have earned a customer for life. Just wanted to say thank you. Brad Jordan - Manchester, GA


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